Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Fly My Pretties, FLY!

Ok so as you know I was traveling a bit this holidays. First China, Macau and then Tasmania.

First China, I went with my family and the Au Yeung family (Ray, Winnie and their 'rents). It was a friggen 9hr plane ride and since we got cheap tickets we had to pay for meals. But it was ok, we landed in Macau* since the place we needed to go didn't have an airport.

I went to my cousins wedding, if you can call it that. It was more like a tea ceremony followed by more and more eating. It was freezing in Shanghai and we also saw the tird tallest building in the world. We went for a 4 day tour but the younger people only understood cantonese and since the tour guide was speaking mandarin we had no idea what she was saying. We had two tour guides and we named them Paul and Wendy. Yes we gave them english names weven though the chicks english name was already Denise. We went to four star and three star hotels the whole trip and buffets which is a massive SCORE! Hong Kong was really fun too with the cousins and aunties and uncles.

OK things I bought:
  • NDS (Nintendo DS) chip where you can download games and put free games, pictures, music and even shows on your NDS.
  • Boots
  • Giordano Scarf
  • Cool ass Beanie
  • 2 winter jackets
  • Chinese stamp and name scroll

OK 9hr trip back to AUS, have a few hours at home and then TA DA! ANOTHER friggen plane but this time to Tasmania. I went with Alan, cousins and grandma. Hahahaha Alan has to call me auntie even though I'm a year younger then him because I'm a generation older. Tasmania was alright, couldn't go to Cadbury Factory because it was booked for the entire week so we saw A LOT of scenery, a cave, mountains, gardens and I SMASHED Alan's whiny ass in Putt Putt Golf but 3 points >.<>

OH and I found out that I'm in rollcall 8A408 with Leila, just need to wait for Mon to tell us what class she's in!

*Macau is like the best asian Las Vegas. Casino's, buffets, hotels and designer brands literally lined up down the hall. There was Gucci, Armani, Hugo Boss, Luis Vuitton, Prada, Tiffany & Co, Swarovski and soooooooo much more. *drool*

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Goodybye My Frieeeeeeeeends..Heheh

Well since I won't be able to write anything tomorrow because of all the craziness, I just want to say GOODBYE AUSTRALIA FOR 11 DAYS! Hahaha

I'll try to get prezzies for my loved ones. ;D So have an awesomely hectic holiday!

xxoo Courts

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

two oh oh eight


better make it a good one! ;) Have a good holiday pplz


P.S officially 2-3 days till China!!!!!!