Sunday, 30 December 2007


I lied, I didn't go to have a shower, just read over my blogs and GEEZ I can type a lot which can be a bad thing because that probably bores you out. I have no idea why but I have a sudden urge to play that dance twister thing we did at Mon's partay, either that or draw because we actuallt cleaned today and I found Michelle's old art and projects book.

omg this girl puts too much effort in this stuff which is going to make me try harder next year to actually put heaps of effort in assignments and school. And Michelle is an awesome drawer, designer and her writing was nice EVEN BACK THEN.

Saturday, 29 December 2007

Dramacon 3

OMFG OMFG OMFG I've practically been waiting all year for this.

Dramacon is FINALLY OUT! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT. Now all I got to do is go to the city and buy two copies. I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry Monique.D! For the last presents. I've just been busy.....packing....and cleaning..-cough andsittingonmyassbeingthelazypersonIam cough- So I'll either drop it off or mail it to you because personally I love getting non giving money or school related mail.

If you have not heard of Dramacon THEN BUY IT RIGHT NOW OR I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN...or just borrow my copy for 75 cents. I'm now charging because they're getting pretty damaged. Any way the book/comic is totally awesome because its hilarious, cute, hot guy and it's a comic so there's more looking at pictures then reading tiny writing.

Why HSM and Zac Efron Piss Me Off

HSM as you all should know is High School Musical. Now if you love this movie with all your heart, think Zac Efron is hot and want to marry him, I recommend for you to not read this even though I know you all will.

So before I get killed by hardcore Zac and HSM lovers, I'll just say no offence, I warned you and....please don't hurt me.

OK first off HSM is cheesy, cheesy is one of the things I hate the most but the thing about HSM is that they make the cheesy bigger by 1000. OH and they also make it SO FAKE, the lines are just so not sayable in real life, you can't say those lines to everybody and not be laughed at. Also the fact that everyone is stick thin and attractive just puts some kids self esteem down and trust me I know low self esteem, I had an emotional breakdown the other day, non-stop tears man. Not because of HSM though...other stuff.

Ok now on Zac. I'm not saying he's an asshole or anything, I mean I've never met the guy and probably never will so who am I to judge? But it just pisses me off how people are saying OMG I'm going to marry him. NO YOU ARE NOT. Sorry to drag you down but seriously, I know you know that it won't happen and maybe I'm drowning out your little flame of hope but seriously, If you want him please just say he's hot or that damn I'm jealous of Vanessa because I admit he is hot (depending on the movie, place and hair). Just don't say omg I'm going to kidnap him and lock him in my house forever and we'll get married (I seriously heard that the other day) because that's just plain ridiculous and can be really annoying.

Overall I reckon the message HSM is trying to get across by saying be who you are and don't be pushed around by cliques is great, the music, dancing and songs are great. It's just the fake and cheesiness that gets me. Also I'm hoping that all the teen magazines are right and that Zac isn't an asshole that will grow up like the stars today and going to rehab because of some drug addiction. If by some one in a million chance he is actually reading this, then no offence at all, good luck for your future careers and don't worry because all your fans are there to support you, cheer for you and maybe the occasional stalking....and now I'm talking to imaginary celebrities...I'm going to go have a shower and go to sleep now lol.

Friday, 28 December 2007


Ok another addiction: Greys Anatomy. =D now if only the "*DVD player" would work. hahahha so I can spend the next few days until China, watching TV on the couch getting fat lol.

*The DVD player that I got for Michelle for KK can play burned CD's which is awesome since we got like hundreds them lol.


I'm going to China next lol. crap...gotta start packing.

Monday, 24 December 2007

<3 Kevjumba

Ok new addition for my addiction. Presenting....KEVJUMBAAAAAAAAAAA

Ok his name is actually Kevin Woo (spelling wrong) Kevjumba is just his username and he is not a super hero just the funniest youtube teenager you'll ever meet. He talks about random things, pays out his parents and speaks his truth...while being hilarious. He has the number one spot for the most subscriptions to his video blogs and I love it! hahahha I can relate to his "asian issues" and what he talks about is pretty accurate in my book.

He has also introduced me to a new word: BAMF! Bad Ass Mother Fcuker! >.<>

He reminds me of my friend Anthony, not the one you guys know, my family friend. So Youtube him! watch every video. Garunteed laughs whether he is doing his parents impersonations, talking about random shit or his "unique" dance moves! LOL

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Carols In the Domain

I went to Carols in the Domain with Will and Michelle. We were supposed to meet Winnie but her phone died and we couldn't find her so we found our own spot. It was alright...Not that big..had fun though. The best three things were the candles, fire works and the $15 Show bags!

We drove around for at least half an hour for a parking space and there were heaps of bats flying around. I noticed/ realised that there is always a church nearby the bats. Then we got showbags AND IT IS SO COOL! Its got:

  • Dog Food (now if only I had a dog)
  • People food
  • Wiggles Toddler wipes
  • Moisturiser and cream stuff
  • Harry Potter Magazine
  • Ratatouille Book
  • Another Magazine
  • 4 candles
  • Matches and those candle cup thingies

The fireworks were really cool but should of lasted longer.

OMFG the camera men came up to Michelle, Will and me while we were singing Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! and asked us questions and stuff and then we shouted Merry Christmas. Michelle was like oh god I hope they don't show us on TV so Will called his sister to ask if she saw us on TV and apparently now lol.

Then we ate some Maccas and went home.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Luna Park

Had a hectic day at Luna Park with Mon, Leila and the other Courtney!

I was craving corndogs right from the start man....*grumble* So I got a Coney Island Meal for $11. It had coke, chips and a corndog. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!

We went on every ride at least twice! There was the Spider, Wild Mouse, Rotor (me and Mon chickened out XD), Tango Train, Dodge'em Cars and my personal favourite: The Ranger.

The first time in Dodge'em Cars I was so bad it was not funny, well a little bit....hehhhee. I was spinning around in one spot for 3/4's of the ride but the second time I ruled! WOOOOOOO!

The Tango Train has to be 2nd best and no exceptions. The music might be crap sometimes but its is SO FUN! Kept screaming in every single ride.

When I first saw the Ranger the only word in my mind was: Shit. lol but then I went on and it was the most fun thing I've ever been on! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe.

OMFG.OMFG.OMFG.OMFG.OMFG.OMFG. We went on the new thing Prison Break Live. The first time we went the front door lady got pissed at us and Mon ran out, followed by Leila, followed by Court I was like C'MON guyyyssss! hahahhaha.

Then the second time me, Court and Leila went in. There were three asians in front of us, (2 girls and 1 guy). We first went in and the Azn guy was pissing himself already man it was hilarious. The order was azn guy at front, then two azn girls, then Courtney, then Leila and I was at the back, we did this congo line thing where we stood behind each other with our hands on the person in fronts shoulders.

We had to go through think chain link fence maze and there are actors in there with lots of bloody make up. I wasn't scared because when people screamed at the front Iwas like yep theres a freak right ahead. I have to applaud the scared shitless asian guy cause he was in front, half crying AND he was trying to lead us out of the maze hahahaha. Leila was so scared, she was hiding and crouching behind Courtney's back with her eyes closed. The fog was really annoying at one point but the effects were AWESOME!

You know how you're at a club and a neon light flashes every 3 seconds? Well it was like that so it looked like the freaky guys who were popping up everywhere were in freeze frames and were in different positions every flash. I got really dizzy.

We finished with an extra long ride of the Spider and literally ran all through the park to get to the front where Leila's dad would pick us up. Today was so fun even though 3 people dropped out at last minute.

Thanks Leila, Mon, Court and Leila's dad for the awesome day! I'll just go and gnaw off my Luna Park bracelet and go to sleep now...

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Oops they did it AGAIN!!!

Yeesh. You reckon if you saw your older sister go bald, go to court 1000 times, go to rehab, can't drive properly and is a divorced single mum fighting to have custody of her children that you would want to do better.

Britney Spear's little sister, Jamie, is now officially a pregnent teen! Guess how old she is? I said 18 but she is SIXTEEN. She's pregnant with her long time 18 year old boyfriend's child.

This family is too much man.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

I knew that....

I realised that I can complete the 2008 school book form online at

Just wrote the site in case anyone needs it...even though I'm sure no one is reading apart from Kaitlyn and Kiera...Hi btw lol.

Goss Girl Differences

Here are some differences between the Gossip Girl Books, TV Series and some of my old Bebo site:
  1. GG TV- They cleaned it up A LOT and the Humphry's have brown hair...ALL of them, even Jenny.
  2. GG Books- Gossip Girl Webpage talks about specific people and people actually e-mailed her saying omg guess what non anonymously and she replies to them.
  3. GG Bebo- I suck and can never be as cool as them but I think I did a pretty god damn good job if I can say so myself.
  4. GG TV-Dan looks hotter then he sounds in the book.
  5. GG Books- Dan sounds a tiny bit emo and Jenny has massive boobs.
  6. GG Bebo- I just realized that I did similar things on the webpage like the book, I wrote about the most gossipy people aka Perri, Bianca etc.
  7. GG TV- In TV, Serena's brother is phsyco and is like Jenny's age. NO HE IS NOT! He's supposed to be in college partying.
  8. GG Books- Everyone spread rumours that Serena got kicked out of boarding school because she brought heaps of guys to her dorm room and she slept with them, she invented a new drug call S, she has a chicken killing cult in the park and she had plastic surgery. All lies of course.
  9. GG Bebo- It only lasted a term and a half.....not even.

I'll end it there. Overall the differences don't really matter because I am addicted, I lurve it and you have to watch and read it OR ELSE!

Christmas Spirit and a New Drug

OMG yesterday was soo....different? Busy? fun?..... meh

Well I woke up at 8:30a.m. (Shocker) and went to Campsie with mum, dad and grandma. I had Oporto's for brunch and got a haircut. It's really thin and layered not to mention my fringe looks really short and is a bit retarded. We went to random shops afterwards.

OMG OMG OMG I found Spray Candy! I don't know if you guys know it or not but when I was little I loved it. it's just a little tube of sour liquid candy that you spray in your mouth. I couldn't find these anywhere! Then I found out that they were banned because little kids were choking on them (hehehhe). Well only in Campsie aye? LOL only they would keep selling old school candy.

Then I came home, set up the Christmas tree and put all our KK presents under there. Had dinner and we gave each other the presents! WOOOOOOOO.

I pretty much guessed right when it came to who had who. I had Michelle and Winnie had me. I bought Michelle:
  • DVD Player which can play burned discs(YES)
  • Justin Timberlake DVD
  • Pilates Kit
  • Yoga Mat
  • Her third Gym Ball (hopefully anti burstable or else it's false advertising)
  • A Witchery heart shaped mirror

All for $123.84!

Winnie got me:

  • Brain Training
  • Junior Mints
  • Earphones (WOOT)
  • AND (omfg wait for it)........5 GOSSIP GIRL BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she got 1,4,5,6,7

I just finished the first book this morning after I asked dad if I could go to Bondi with Leila and Kiera (he said no) The book is sooooooooooooooooooo good.

Then we got Easy Way (We got a little cult going hahahhaa) and then we went to look at Christmas lights. We went around Matraville for literally half an hour to see one house. and it was literally right next to the street we started on! It was sort of worth it.....

Well my new drug is now Gossip old blog, the tv series and the books!

I'm going to work out this computer fat now with Ray's Tae Bo video he lent us last year.

Sunday, 16 December 2007


OMFG I don't know why I didn't post about this sooner. We got our reports sent home on Thursday and...I TOTALLY SUCKED. Last semester I got 5 A's and 5 B's. This semester I got FOUR A's AND FOUR B's AND TWO FRIGGEN C'S. This is new for me since I've had high standards since kindy. Parent's only cared if I got A's in math and English, which I did.

I got the two C's in History (no effort at all in assignement) and PDHPE (I'm un-co). BALLS

And PHUK I'm screwed because I haven't handed my book list sheet in yet which was due at the 10th and it's now the 16th. Shit.

On a lighter note, I'm going to be doing Tae Kwon Do and Dancing next year as the selective sports. I wanna kick some ass while spinning around doing shimmy's! LOL.


I was just reading my sisters (Michelle's blog) and noticed that she writes about a whole lot of nothing sometimes. lol. but her blogs are like funny, shorter and more interesting. DAMN IT. hahhaa. Maybe its because she has a life where she actually goes out and does stuff.

I really need to get out more, everyone went to Chinatown while I was just putting Sammy's oober cool music on full blast, playing Kaitlyn's Pokemon game which I forgot to give back and not get my Pokemon Ranger in return.

I ralised that all I do these days is internet/read online stuff (manga, fanfic, blog, bebo), spending money and hanging out with friends at easties and sleep. Now I'm craving some DDR action hahahah...random.

I'm so addicted to Ben McKenzie's version of my all time favourite song: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. HE SHOULD OF WON. But we all knew that Matt Efron/Corby would be in final 2, it was just the shock wonder of Natalie winning. Karl was cute and good too.

I remember when I was still in primary school with like no homework, hanging out and playing cards with grandma while Sammy and Michelle were both on computers. I swore that I would become as addicted to the computer as them when I hit high school. Guess what? I got addicted in YEAR 5! lol.

I'll go in my home alone corner now and find something to eat because I know I'm going to be fat when i grow up =D. Oh and find out how to change the template.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Old Friends

I saw Anfie, Jakie, Mat.H and Gene today! YAY! It's been ages since I last saw them.

Madeline called and asked if we wanted to go to movies. I didn't ask until Mel begged and I didn't really ask. My family were already going to easties but we were going to meet at 12p.m. but it was just 9a.m. So Sammy went to Aldo while me, Michelle, mum and Grandma went dress shopping for me!.... and dad bought some stuff for the restaurant.

I bought that dress I wanted at Urban Angel* and and two dresses at Target! One is a short pink halter and the other is a short black dress, while at Urban angel was a gray dress. I'm so happy *tear* hahaha.

Then I met Mel outside of Aldo cause Jess worked there too. I saw Johnathan (Mel's 8 yr old brother/the omen) and was like oh god hahahah because last time Johnnie saw Jake and Anf, he bashed them both and was really hypo. We walked around the place not doing anything except make a lot of noise, ate, Mat left, went to the park and picked Kiera up. Nothing big happened just hanging out.

Johnathan was SO hypo and annoying that I sorta wanted to shut him up and so did the other guys. And then we left...I sorta just wanted to talk about the dresses lol.

*Note to self, Urban Angel and Pumpkin Patch is COOL hahahhaa

Summer Reading List

What I must read for this Summer and recommend every girl reads.
  • The 'It' Girl (Same Author As Gossip Girl)
  • Bras & Broomsticks
  • Fast Girls, Hot Boys
  • Traci Harding Books
  • Harry Potter 6&7
  • Dramacon 3

If you don't like reading then I suggest the Gossip Girl series because its on TV too and Dramacon 1,2, and 3 because its a comic/manga which is hilarious and a favourite of mine!

Go to this site! : its got a lot of good teen chick books listed.

Friday, 14 December 2007

People Leaving Us

So many people are leaving!

Mrs Dickinson
Mr Lee
Mrs Vanness
Mr Westray

AND GEORGIE!!! NOOOOOOOO. Not georgie! We all love our georgie. She's sweet, nice, funny AND TALENTED

She can sing, dance AND play instuments! We'll miss you! Good luck and have fun at your new school. We knew you were too good for us lol.

OLSH Gossip Girl

I remember this. It had the best updates and really filled me in. Ok I'll cut the crap. I WAS OLSH GOSSIP GIRL. It was pretty obvious because it was really suss when people started suspecting it was me and then it "coincidentally" got cancelled.

I cancelled because Ivana reported. I sorta regret doing it. I really regret writing stuff that I didn't really want to write, but the people who knew said it was alright. I want to say sorry especially to Monique Humphries. You're my friend and I knew that you hated it. I just wanted to do it. It was a random urge. Like that I time I told my sister to download the whole Sailor Moon series in Year 5....

ANYWAY getting off track I'm really sorry for hurt feelings ansd angsty feeling against me. I hope we can all still be friends, don't know whether it's coming back or not. I had lots of sources and thanks for the e-mails and comments people! Really appreciate it.

I got the whole idea from Gossip Girl series WHICH IS SO GOOD AND ADDICTIVE OMFG I LOVE IT. Well anyway my sister's friends gave her a disc a month before it came out here and I loved the idea of the site and how everybody knows about it and goes to it. For the first few weeks I thought everyone just saw it and forgot about it. At the end I saw how much it meant to some people and it really touched me *tear* lol. Love you gossip readers! hahaha

Well gtg,
xoxo Gossip Girl Junior (Courtney Fong)

P.s. this isnt a new gossip page this is just a normal blog! dont worry lol.

Last Day of Year 7!!!!!!

OMFG. I decided that my first ever blog would be about the last of something.

I just want to say first to our beloved Biianca that we all love you and think Miss Nunan was a bitch to expel you for an accident. We'll never forget you, it'll never be the same without you, you'll be our friend forever and we love youu!!! Wish you the bestest luck in your new school.

Today was officially the last day of me being a Year 7 girl!!!!!!!

Pinic Day was AWESOME! I'm peeling really bad though from Mon's party at the beach, Botany Pool and the beach for science excursion. The bus ride is as always fun. Lots of loud, off key singing, funny stories and noticing random things out the window.

We went to Parsley's Bay and the area it's in is SO POSH. There are friggen massive, cool mansions there. One house Kiera wanted had a lift in it, I'm like O.O hahahah. My plan is for everyone to save up money and become roomates in one of those houses. I think about every house had a pool and was two storey's high AT LEAST.

Well we got there and we just started pigging out on food. I can't swim so i didn't hahhahaha. I stayed one the grass trying to get rid of this shameful sock tan. Kiera and Court.P were throwing soft drink everywhere while we were trying to sun bake which pissed a few people off. Played soccer with Mr. Westray and I was like the best goalie!

Hey Court hows that toe going? She cut her whole pinkie toe on the rock, there was a lot of blood but she wan't in pain for some reason.

Oh god when we were going back on the bus we paused 10 minutes later and Year 9's bus sucked so we had to turn around, wait for half an hour, picked up Year 9 and got back to school around 4 :10 p.m. I was going to go to Anzac Prd but I saw my Aunti Evie past cause she lived down the road from the school. She was just going to work. OMG guess where she works? At my dads restaurant! lol SCORE! so she dropped me off and I came home. So far all I've been doing is listen to Imogen Heap over and over again while on bebo and fanfiction which confirms that I seriously need a life. lol.

Now I'm going to go eat my fried azn rice while trying to find out how to take photos off phone's and camera's.