Wednesday, 28 March 2012


So one of my all time favourite songs is We Don't Eat by James Vincent McMorrow. Found it in Year 11 or 10 and just loved the song ever since. I decided to download all of McMorrow's songs on the weekend because he has the kind of voice I want to marry and be with forever.

Today after my exam, I had a singing lesson but I had to wait 1 and half hours. So me and my friends went to the cafe near my school for some lunch. This cafe has those kinds of stands that have random postcards and notices. When we were about to leave, I saw this postcard:

So of course I took one. Got home and realised. HE IS COMING TO SYDNEY. But then I'm like "Oh it's probably going to be a school night or really expensive" So I checked the date. IT'S ON THE FIRST MONDAY IN THE HOLIDAYS. Checked the website. 44$ FOR A TICKET WITH HIS NEW ALBUM INCLUDED. I was excited. I was happy. I was going out of my mind. It was originally sold out but due to high demand, they moved to a bigger venue and more tickets were available. This was fate. I was meant to go and listen to this man live.

And then:

I noticed this one detail:


So long story short. My heart is broken


So for my comp, I went over to Steph's with Matt. She has a mini recording studio in her garage. As soon as me and Matt walked in, we were like....

No words. lol. It was tiny but it was perfect. It had instruments, computer, mixing board, one of the coolest couches ever. And the sound proof recording booth. That is like, my dream thing to have. I mentioned I needed a drum beat and she said she could try get her drum pad. Me and Matt just lost our shit at that moment.

So my composition. Needs a lot of work. But since the planning out is going good and my boyfriend just happens to be the best thing that has ever happened to me, his improv is making my song sound legit. 'Cause he's magical. So he's basically writing it for me but I'm giving him the direction so technically I'm still the composer? Producer? Director? I don't know..

The Girl On Fire

Was meant to blog about this earlier. Watched the Hunger Games. It stayed true to the book, had a good amount of action and the death scenes weren't so gruesome that you couldn't watch it but it was intense enough to get shocked. Katniss by Jennifer Lawrence was amazing. PEETA by Josh Hutchinson was perfect. Milly is now Team Peeta and I kept rubbing in I've been with him since I read the first book. It was great. The Rue scene. Good freaking God, that Rue scene. I actually leaked a few tears but played it off long enough so that no one noticed. I can't wait for the next installment. I swear. Seriously. Finnick. I mean....FINNICK.

Overall, very happy. I am also now convinced I need all Hunger Games related merchandise.

Exam Schedule:

Today: SOR1, I winged half of my Paul essay and bullshit my way through the short answer. Majorly.

Tomorrow: English written - short answer and creative writing. Should be ok right?

Friday: Modern History - Source analysis on WWI and 2 essays on Germany. FML. I love modern but it kills me. We have a very unhealthy and damaging relationship with one another.....

Monday: Visual Arts - Yeah meh.

Tuesday: English Oral/Tutorial - Your own question on belonging that refers to Shakespeare's As You Like It and my related text Pleasantville (WHICH BY THE WAY, IS DIRECTED THE SAME GUY WHO DIRECTED HUNGER GAMES. RESPECT LEVEL IS THROUGH THE ROOF)

Wednesday: Music Aural and Composition hand in - more in new post.

Catch up

So today was the beginning of half yearly exam week. There was a lot of anger going on when the school failed to give us two weeks notice and, with other interfering school factors, squashed all the exams within a 6 day period. Some people got majorly screwed over, two of my friends have to do 6 exams in 3 days (2 on each day). I got lucky and ended up with one per day (thank God there's no Society and Culture exam)

Actually speaking of Society and Culture, I've officially gotten a topic: Brooding men and their rising appeal. I got a new blog for it called The PiProject:

If you people are still reading this thing, please check on it regularly cause I'll probably have questions or need some comments. This is my HSC, so much appreciated.

The thing about my PIP is that when I finally got into it, my teacher confessed to looking up the original topic I was set on doing from the beginning but dropped. Creativity and it's place in society. I could rant on that for days. So I'll have a meet up with teach next week.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Just casually facebook stalking a cousin I haven't seen in years and seeing he likes Safe&Sound by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars. Actually got very excited and happy.


Also, unrelated note: Thinking of starting random blog for my PIP just to keep track and have it up somewhere. Probs will be a public one since no one will find it.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Friday, 16 March 2012

Twenty-two. Left or right handed?

Right handed. Although one day I'd like to be left handed or ambidextrous for at least one thing. Like a left handed instrument or something....


The prize. Not the scary teacher.

So my Year 11 artwork was submitted into the Clancy Prize. It's a religious art competition for the catholic high schools of NSW. I got into the gallery and it was literally one of the first things you'd see in the corridor when you enter. But then further in you just see these amazing, crazy pieces of art. And I'm just baffled my art got considered to be hung.

The prize giving out started and so since I pretty much knew there was no way I was getting anything compared to these people, I stood at the back with my dad. My art teacher, who came late says I should stand and get up closer. I asked why and she said I was highly commended. Apparently they tell the schools of the winners what they got so that they'd attend.

The first thing I thought and said. Are you sure? Are you serious? How do you know? But then again, my pal Courtney also got accepted and her's is....I would buy it. That's how much I love it. Three A1 or larger pieces of paper with pencil detailed drawings of her mum and both her grandmas. So beautiful. So I figured, probably meant the other Courtney because w(hy)tf would they choose mine over anyone elses in this place?

So we move in and I got highly commendable which meant it got special attention and was considered for the main prizes but didn't quite make it. So overall I was stunned. When they said my name I was froze and was like....seriously? Heart beat ACTUALLY picked up. Very happy even though I didn't officially get anything.

Note to self: Visit art school open days or else not even try to get in.

As a reward, me and dad got Maccas. Good night overall.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Anonymous Extraordinaries.

"People who are motivated by conviction rather than by recognition."
Natalie Warne

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Twenty-one. Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early?

My god, what do you think I'm doing right now?

Procrastinating my ass off even though I should have done about two essays, one creative writing piece and at least 5 pages of notes. But....yeah. Nah.

I can't get over this quote:

"If my fist meets your face intimately and there's no one around to see it, do you still have a concussion?"