Sunday, 10 March 2013

Butter Noodles

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Uni! For reals this time

I've only really had three lectures/ tutorials so far. COFA seems so fast paced right now. Two art assignments and one of them is 40% which is kind of freaking ridiculous.

I've met some interesting people but haven't made any real, solid friends yet. Then again, I've only met all of the new people once. I'm still clueless as to whether I can handle all of this yet. So far so good. All I need is proper internet on my mac and for it to be able to stay on and functional without the charger. First world problems.

Excited for the week coming because Film studies starts this week and also this Baking Society gathering. There's been so many heavy emphasis on prior reading and the thing is, the readings are about 30 pages for each subject/tutorial.

By the way, for COFA I had to make a Twitter and Tumblr account. Follow me?

I'm probs going to make another fandom tumblr soon. I've been reblogging a lot of art and had to restrain myself from rebloggin all these Firefly photosets and Community gifs.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Everyone are taking photos with friends in their lecture rooms or in front of a random building with the caption :"First day at uni!", or statusing about their foreign lecturers and adding new people on Facebook.

I have yet to take my first class which is tomorrow night from 6p.m. - 9p.m. Oh, and I also know for a fact that I will not know anyone in this class. Time to meet new people and make new friends. How do people do that these days again?

Is it good to be upfront about it?
Me to another loner looking person: Hey! Do you mind if I sit with you? I kind of don't know anyone in this class

Do I just sit there loner and hope someone else does it?
Friendly person: Hey! Do you mind if I sit with you? I kind of don't know anyone in this class.
Me: Of course! Go ahead. I'm Courtney, what's your name?
Friendly person: I'm Ch-
Me: OMG we totally have the same letter for our first name! Are we, like, best friends now? What's your favourite colour? Where did you go to high school? Where do you live? What's your blood type? What's your tax file number? Do you want to go for coffee after this?

Should I attempt to join an already established group of friends?
Me: I couldn't help overhearing but are you guys fans of Pretty Little Liars too? I love that show! OMG it's totally crazy what's, going on right now. I mean this person and that person being A? And Spencer...OMFG, that poor girl

Or do I segue in by complimenting their stationery or something?
Me: I really like your pencil case! The red reminds me of all the blood spilt from the innocent people in my dungeon. Want to be my friend?

Yeah, probably not that last one. They have to be my friend for AT LEAST 6 days before I explain to them the functions of my torture dungeon. -Sigh- the problems of life.

Friday, 1 March 2013


I have literally been out everyday this week at UNSW and COFA.

I have gotten a lot of free stuff, attended a lot of info lectures about my courses and gotten slightly sunburnt, but later on in the week, completely drenched. Holy crap, I just realised I spend a shit load of unnecessary time and space on writing about the weather. Sorry about that to my non existent readers!

Anyways, I don't ave much to say. I now know where my classes are, I've joined a couple of societies and club and I really want to be part of the UNSW magazine or filming crew thing. I'm really excited about the opportunities.

I've made one completely new, unknown and non-mutual- friend. Except I didn't get her last name.

Well my classes start next week and my first ever one just so happens to go from 6-9p.m. and I know no one in the class. Adventure time??

Center Stage :: Final Show ::

Same thing with Centre Stage. Except this time I want to be a struggling ballet dancer in New York who gets chosen to be the main star in a final showcase-kind of production directed by a very famous and influential dancer despite pretty much failing all year. Hey, it could still happen, right?

Coyote Ugly

Coyote Ugly was one of those movies I watched all the time as a kid and loved it even though I didn't understand it. Other examples is Bring It On, Centre Stage, Bedazzled....I had them all on VCR. I haven't seen this movie since I was in primary school. Watching it now I am so in love with the movie and how much it reminds me of the past.

This movie makes me want to get into shape, get an RSA and get a job at a bar where the bartenders dance on it. Seriously.