Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Mad World

It's really kind of funny. It's really Kind of sad. Mad world.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Random Thoughts

  • Thinking is dangerous, which is why people should do it more.
  • Speaking of thinking, I've been thinking about what professions are there in the world and what I should do.*
  • I'm drawing more, i drew my sister CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, a few dresses, Hayley and some random thingies. I REALLY WANT TO FIND THAT ART DIARY.
  • Hands up who wants to go back to school? (Well those who actually still go to school and are currently on holidays)
  • And last Random Thought, refer to previous blog- Procrastination (I think the title says it all though)

*Note to self ask fellow classmates/peers of thoughts

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Procrastinate. Sorta sounds like a dirty word aye?


-slap on the wrist- it

OR I could just tell you now :P. It just mean stalling or doing anything you can to avoid doing a certain task for example:

"Sally was reading fan fiction and not doing her French assignment"
"Annie was playing her nintendo DS lite, Pokemon Ruby, trying to raise the level of her Pikachu to beat Brock the trainer and was procrastinating instead of studying for her Geography test."

See what I mean?

*Disclaimer- situations, names and subjects were changed and situations, names and subjects were not changed as well.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Monopoly Night

We now have a new tradition on Tuesday Nights.

It all begins with Ray, Win and Will coming over and we gather in Michelle's room just talking about random stuff and then we go have dinner in the living room with mum, dad, grandma and Sammy.

I then have to write down everyone's orders for Easyway and then we fight about whose turn it is to buy. Then two people go out and buy the easyway while the rest of us et up the game and go on the internet to wait for the return of the two people and Easyway.

We then distribute the easyway and Me, Mich, Will, Ray and Winnie play Monopoly until either someone wins and then we start over again or it strikes midnight and the game is over, the person with the most money wins!

I suck at the game but it's so fun!


I have no life at all. My family will agree with me. For the past 5 days of holiday I have not once gone out and have fun but instead reading, eating chocolate mousse, sleeping in and sleeping late.

My only exercise is dancing around like an idiot and walking 2 minutes to the restaurant everyday.

I desperately want that DDR mat now.

The few things that have kept me busy is a new art project Michelle set up for me, msging updates with friends and monopoly night on Tuesday.

I need to get out of this house soon lol.

Monday, 7 April 2008


Had so much fun drawing these chibi drawings of random stuff on my art book.

The black center thing is my view of the school, the little chibi in the right hand bottom corner is me. Thunder cloud to emphasis creepiness and doom atmosphere of school (also looks cool), random stuff everywhere. The chibi style is inspired by *Rimfrost on DiviantArt. Look at her gallery its so good.

Sunday, 6 April 2008


Saw the cutest thing in the city today with friend and sister.

We were at a crossing and we were waiting. I saw the cutest white with black spotted pigeon crossing the road and then the pedestrain beeping thing went off to signel that ppl were allowed to cross. This startled the poor thing and it started to turn around looking so lost. >.<

At the city we got a massive Jap lunch. SO good. Went to Kinokuniya and got Death Note and Rhysmyth which is awesome.


Future Wish List

When I grow up and have my own place and a job and all that grown up crap I don't have to deal with for a couple of glorious years, I want these pets:
  • A dog that stays the same small size forever

  • A guinea pig

  • A CHINCHILLA!!!!!!!!!!!

    heres a photo:

Friday, 4 April 2008


I suck....

Notes about Nothing

Actually excited about an assignment and french of all subjects. It just has to do with french fashion and designing stuff YAY!

Students talking german, french, italian and serbian today in PDH. LOL random.

Drawing again! except its a new and different style, sorta like pon and zi except different.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

April's (a) Fool

Yes yes, I know that it's two days later but in our class it doesn't matter. On Tuesday at first we were planning on doing stuff to teachers since this was the only day you can mess with them and not get in trouble. We were ALL silent in English except for Ashleigh Miller who talked and screamed and jumped all over the place and that annoyed the teacher.

We planned to switch our class with another class who had french because we wanted to mess with Miss. Kutra soooooo bad. It just so happened that she didn't come that day so when our class settled in french when we actually had religion with Mrs Griffths (scary 100 foot dinosaur who can kill anyone who crosses her), we were all nervous when Miss Cowman (librarian, can speak french and was subbing Kutra) called the role and we played innocent saying that someone changed their rooms and then we ran for the D block and came just in time.

TODAY: April Payne came to school late so she didn't know that instead of PE we had PDH at the library. Me, Laura and Mary saw her in her PE uniform going down to the courts. She walked back because she couldn't find us so everytime we see her we ducked. Soon the whole class joined in and it was hilarious because if you were standing a few metres away then it would look like we were retards (which techinically we are).

Thats all.