Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Last Summer Holiday Post for 2oo9

I did a lot these holidays. Movies with the guys and then going to the park down the road. Seeing a lot of family and family friends, some of which I don't know who they are or how I'm related/ known to them.Going out to new places to eat. Going to parties with music, food, friends and family. Get new things, stay home a lot and doing nothing.

Ok so I didn't go overseas or out of the state or do anything amazing like bungee jumping or skiing or go on a cruise. But it was fun and memorable which is all I need.


When does the moment or feeling of going back to school hit you?

Is it when you're buying your stationery and text books?

Or when you're wrapping and decorating your exercise books making sure the cover matched the subject?

Or maybe it's when your friend calls you to see what homeroom you will be in so you run for the mail and see your school fees with the rollcall number up the top.

For me it was carrying my clean washed bag inside the room and then hanging up my wrinklefree, loved and hated school uniform.

Tomorrow is back to school day, the day everyone loves and hates, looking forward to seeing your friends again and the new subjects but then realising that it all comes with the price of hard work, strict teachers, no more sleeping in doing nothing and the end of holidays.

...personally, I love it.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


Couple of days ago Al called me and asked me to go with him to his semi formal because he got the date of the formal wrong and so the girl he asked was still overseas. When he asked I couldn't stop laughing but I said yes.

So I went with him tonight from 7-11 at this place the Sydney guys owned next to Parramatta River. I got all dressed up in Es's dress which she wore to our cousins wedding. When I got there I was feeling so nervous and awkward because
A) everyone there was in year 10 or above (only the waiters were in year 9) and
B)I knew no one.

But after like 10 minutes I talked to a few of Al's friends and their dates so it was good.

Food was alright, the place was beautiful at night, there were so many stars. The dancing was....weird, the music was good, if they could stay on one song for long enough and people just danced. The guys were hilarious.

Then on the balcony we spent our time talking, taking photos and playing a game where you cheer if two lights in a distance flashed at the same time.

Nice night.

Thursday, 1 January 2009


Goodbye 2008 and welcome 2009!

Hope you guys make it a good and memorable ;P.

Spending the days at family friends, spent NYE watching fireworks from home, receiving Happy New Year messages and talking till three in the morning. I wake up to see everyone awak and that it was 9:30 in the morning. I usually wake up at 11 or 12, 10 the earliest so 9 was a massive effort from a lazy ass like me lol.

Em went out already cause she's spending two nights with friends and bf, Es is going FieldDay with Ray and Fill so she stayed behind while I went with the adults. Now I'm blogging on a 13 year olds very slow (internet wise) computer.

So again, Happy New Year.