Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas World!

These photos were actually taken a week ago at the KK exchange where I received the last two remaining Buffy season I needed, Vampire Diaries book series, Mayday Parade CD and gorgeous metallic navy blue haviana's.

In reality I've so far spent my Christmas, Youtubing, dancing and cleaning the along with iTunes, lurking on tumblrs and facebooks and I hid in my room for about an hour or two from people who only my dad knows through association. So technically I had strangers in my house, loud asian strangers.

Dinner should be good though...=P

Friday, 24 December 2010

Norwegian Recycling - Miracles

This is quite brilliant

I heard it first from:



Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Feeling quite down in the dumps for no particular reason. I'm very easily annoyed right now too. I'm trying to get back into something that I'm usually really into. Art. I can't draw anymore. Nothing I put on paper seems to make me proud. I want to be able to draw what I'm picturing but my hand and pencil seem to not understand a freaking thing. I'm feeling like a whiny angsty teenager and I really don't like it.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

This is gorgeous. This is $320. This is madness.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

I'm waiting up for you

but you're probably going to get mad at me for still being on the laptop this late. I love you!

Pretty much spent more than half that was in my bank account today

cause I'm awesome. Not really. Presents. Christmas.

BTW, family, friends....

You're welcome 

*sigh* that pay check better come soon lsdigvna;reofj[qpoAScj


I'm just renaming, correcting and updating my songs. One requirement for this is to find the english translations for Jay Chou song titles. To check if it's the right title for the right song, I youtube the song to see if it matches and then find the english title. I came across this one, read the lyrics and was like.....this is so beautiful yet sadddd. Just wanted to share it

An Jing (Silence) - Jay Chou

Lyrics that were in the youtube description box:
Only piano is left here and it spent a whole day talking with me. The cello that's been sleeping is silent and worn. I think you have made it very clear (for me) to understand. I am aware
and know too that there is no reluctance in you

You said that you will feel completely broken-heart too, but i don't believe it. Though i used to hold your hands and you spent time
with me, it was all history.

I really hope that he really loves you more than i ( still) do, only then can i force myself to leave you


You want a farewell, but i simply do not want to end this relationship. Why do you expect me to be smiling and pretend like nothing
has happened? I don't have a talent like this, embracing you and accepting him. Don't worry too much about me, I'll survive and live well.

You are very far away from me now, and i will also slowly walk away (from your life). Why do i even let you to choose how and when we break up ?
I really have no talent , I can't soothe (be in silence) that quick. I will learn to give you up and that is because I love you so.

(Repeat the whole thing)

Friday, 10 December 2010

I've got my things together:

  • I have a job
  • I've been doing extra shifts hence money
  • I have a new keycard hence the ability to access and use said money
  • I'm going to be a senior
  • I'm going to do subjects I'll be willing to learn and would want to apply myself to
  • I'm on holidays
  • I'm in love
I think that things are going to be OK. 

Trust in me, trust in me 
Don't pull away
Just trust in me, trust in me 
I'm just trying to keep this together, 
'Cause I could do worse and you could do better

If your heart wears thin, 
I will hold you up 
And I will hide you when it gets too much
I will stay beside you
Nobody will break you 

I will stay 
Nobody will break you

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I feel like a total walking contradiction

One minute I'm crying, the next I'm dancing
One minute I'm inhaling as much food as I can, the next I'm on the treadmill
I hate myself but at the same time I'm happy with how I've been
I hate people but I'm helping them out and talking nice the next day
I'm just weird. I feel weird. Weird.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Special Mention

Day 13 - A picture of your friends (The Year 10 Formal)

The Pre-Gathering:

The Foyer


The DanceFloor

I love you all.