Saturday, 30 August 2008

Edward Cullen

Ok literally only 2 people (soon to be 1) in my class has not read Twilight. Everyone else who has LOVES IT

My friends are reserving premiere tickets for me and my birthday is is officially in TEN DAYS! wooot! I'll be 14!!!!!!!

Edward Cullen is literally all my class talks about now (apart from Jonas Brothers...Whats so WOW about them any way?). Me and Leila are going RAWR everytime his name is mentioned. Even Alana, the one who doesn't read books and hasn't for two years LOVES it!

oh the great wonders of fiction...I've already mentioned how much I love it right?

Reality Sucks

Has anyone else noticed how fictional guys are better then real life guys? I mean the only perfect guys are in stories and cheesy television.

Fine example:

Edward Cullen from Twilight
Why he's hot:
  • He's a hot vampire which is pretty much Superman mixed with a male underwear model.
  • He can read minds
  • He is perfect in EVERY way (and I mean literally mean EVERY way)
  • He has a hot name! Edward Cullen -swoon-
The reason why it'll never happen:
  • Well first off reality is a bitch.
  • Vampires don't exist (but if they do then i hope there's an Edward Cullen out there for me.)
  • Robert pattinson (hottie playing Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie) is 22
  • He's got Bella -cries- nah i love Bella she's cool. hahah.
Another example:

Mamoru Chiba/ Darien Shields/ Prince Endymion from Sailor Moon
Why He's Hot:
  • He's the freaking reincarnated prince of Earth. Yes you heard me EARTH.
  • He died in his previous life and multiple times in his present life saving the one he loves. (stabbed like 5 times in the same spot in his back, soul taken away from him, took the blast etc) Romance is dead these days, self sacrifice is replaced with unreturned calls and text dumping.
  • He's hot in 2D and 3D.
  • He's smart, rich and a total sweetie.
  • He's got a motorbike, very nice apartment in this life, castles in future and previous life.
  • He's got a superhero double life thing going on(very hot).
  • He looks great in a tux.
  • His usual must have accessory is a mask so we got some hot Phantom of the Opera crap going on here.
  • If you watch and read the whole series you will notice that he is pretty much the most desirable man in the universe.
  • OH and did I mention he will become KING of Earth and possibly the universe?

Why it'll never happen:

  • He's not real
  • He is eternally bond to Princess Serenity/Neo-Queen Serenity/ Usagi Tsukino/ Serena Tsukino/ Bunny

Thankfully in real life there are no space witches, evil vampires, end of the world scenarios on a daily basis or supernatural bitches wanting to take my love away....if I had one LOL

I'll write up some more later if I can think of anyone else. But right not my mind is totally devoted to Edward Cullen, Chiba Mamoru and Bella's Lullaby (which is the sweetest thing you'll ever hear). Until i start to do my assignments.

Note: Fiction can take over my reality any day!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Twilight <3

EVERYONE IS IN LOVE WITH TWILIGHT NOW! Well at least with Edward Cullen.

I was walking around school and everywhere I go I see a book by Stephanie Meyer. The Twilight series is a massive hit! Me and MilMil have to write a book review to convince our english teacher that the book is good. NO PROBLEM. lol.

SNg told me that the movie is coming out in AUS on the 11th. I'm not sure if that's true but if it is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! YEAH!

Breaking Dawn was really good, could of been better, predictable in areas and I loved it.

My order of favourites in the series:
Breaking Dawn
New Moon

And I cannot effing wait for Midnight Sun, I read the first chapter in Twilight, Special Edition. It's funny and OH SO GOOD.


p.s. Harry Who? lol

Electives II

1st Choice - Visual Arts
2nd Choice - Philosophy
3rd Choice - Commerce
4th Choice - Design and Technology
5th Choice - Food Technology

Saturday, 16 August 2008


Today I went to this thing called Ricefest which is a catholic festival with food, games and talks.

I met Mtt at the statues of heads at Central and i got there first so I was standing by myself, lonered and awkward until Mtt came. Then we bought train tickets to Homebush and Laur came. We caught the train and I met "Panda" and "Fish" and Mtt became "Bear."

We got there and met Chris. So many people and me, Laur and Ch were just standing there all awkward. Mtt went with his youth group. We waited for, the least, 15 minutes while some people started breakdancing and people crowded around. We finally went in and we went to the Rice Cafe which was full of bean bags, candy, chips, drinks and people who randomly came up to you and talked to you. After that we just walked around.

We saw Mtt and introduced me to K. Mtt then went off with his youth group so K, Laur, Ch and me stuck together the whole day. We played A LOT of games it was so fun. We played tug-of-war twice and won both times, I beat Laur in an obstacle course, he beat me in sumo wrestling, we all threw flour balls at each other, went on the jumping castle, listened to live music and listened to the talks.

The talks were about Jesus and God and what we could do to be closer to them, they were really good! Live music = LIVE PLAYJERISE! woooooooot! they were there! So good at guitar.

When it finished me, Laur and Mtt and Mtt's youth group took the train back to central and S picked me up.

Nxt week I'm going to RiceRally which is like a concert. I'm going with Kwistophe, K and Mtt.

Friday, 15 August 2008


Oh geez I've got to choose my electives for year 9 next week! My first preference is art, then philosophy which i was (thankfully) invited to. I don't know what my third one should be. I think commerce because apparently it's really good.

Other then that the other things that look good is dance, computer studies, food tech, music and design and technology. So yeah, I'm pretty much screwed =D lol.

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Yes yes I know I'm a day late but the opening ceremony if Beijing was breathtaking. The lights, the MASSIVE TV scroll. The synchronised dancers and musicians. I loved it all! I love watching gymnastics, diving, swimming and soccer!

Max Brenners!

I went to Max Brenners in the city last Saturday. It's a choclate cafe and every bite you tke is heaven! I went with M, S and W. WX was supposed to come but there was SO much traffic they went to Pancakes on the Rocks. When we were driving we ended up being behind this yellow car THAT WOULD NOT STOP REVVING. God they were annoying.
We got there and got:

Chocolate Pizza - Pizza base with melted chocolate spread on top, with banana, pecans and marshmellows

Chocolate Brownie - Rich, chocolate brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce

Me and M shared Hot chocolate and crunchy waffle balls - Hot chocolate with lots of crunchy tiny waffles balls covered in chocolate in a "Hug Mug"

And Lastly,my favourite: WAFFLES! with a dribble of chocolate on top with ice cream, banana and strawberries on the side. HEAVEN

Anyway totally recommend you go. 500 stars out of 5. Try not to get too high off the chocolate overload ;)


Totally addicted to this new site called Polyvore. You just get a lot of little pictures to make big pictures and its SO much funner then it sounds. That's about all lol....