Thursday, 17 April 2014

Damn. I had another dream about kissing you again. It was the exact same way even though we were surrounded by different nonsense

Friday, 11 April 2014

dream log. The important part

I don't know how, but it was like a vision.  A fantasy. It was filled with nonsense and impossibles. Until you came. As soon as I saw you I knew that you were real. The way you looked at me.  The heat and pressure as you grabbed my arm in a strong yet restrained grip and lead me to the door so that I could hear the curious whistling wind behind it. The moment your heat made me realize how close we were.  The moment we realized we were having a moment. Despite all the strange reality was happening around us we didn't care. I felt ready for anything.  But it still stole my breath and stuttered my heart when you closed the distance between us and touched my lips so gently.  I could feel your impulse. I could feel your rush of gumption and want.  I felt it in that tiny brush of courage that lasted forever that was not long enough.  And then, like a cliché written by a primary school child, I had to wake up.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Austenland - Official Trailer (HD) Keri Russell

Actually one of my favourite movies now. Like the type of movie I'd watch when I feel sad or sick or want to watch when it's rainy outside with some hot tea and cookies. 
I think I want to become a teacher. I just don't know what kind. Primary? Secondary? What subject?

I just love the idea of maybe being able to change how kids can see the world. Maybe help them become the person they will be for the better. It's an amazing thing.
I think that it's not the fact that I hate my family. It's just that I've spent nearly 20 straight years with the same people. And yeah we have had good times and I love them, they're my blood. But I think that if I move out and see them on a weekly basis, I'd be less angry and semi-homicidal. Just saying.

It's love/hate.
Oh...a text. It must be from her about the plans coming up. But it's not. It's from him. About something little and seemingly inconsequential. A few words to reference a passing thought traded between them earlier that day. And so her heart started to dance and her smile just couldn't help itself. Until her lungs exhaled a frustrated sigh and her voice asked the dark empty room "Do I love you?"
The thing is that boys will second guess feelings that they know they have whereas girls will implicitly trust whatever feeling they have despite not really knowing what it is.

It's bound to be confusing and frustrating and stupid.