Friday, 14 August 2015

Hello World!

This is me! Life should be, ooh ooh, yeah, fun for everyone.

And how fun it has been.

So since the last time I had written I have:

  • Failed every subject from first sem (don't want to talk about it)
  • Quit Woolies due to horrible people in positions of power
  • Transferred fully to Arts course
  • Cut my hair
Also Michelle is housesitting and Fil had Xavier and Win had Marshal.

Generally, life is good.
  • Me and Mila are planning on going to Japan at the end of November
  • I have at least 6 different concerts that I'm going to
  • I started a group on Facebook called Friend Funtimes. I just wanted a place where I could suggest things to do and see with all of my friends without having a million different group messages and events. I was the only person who posted for the first few months, but now people are using it to advertise concerts, recitals, trivia. I love it.  
  • Oh fuck man, so much trivia. There's now weekly Doncaster trivia; if the theme fits then GoodGod Trivia and Roundhouse trivia. 
  • Sam is now 26
  • I'm 21 in less than a month
  • I'm just really liking (re)connecting with so many friends.
  • OH. I got summoned for jury duty today. So that's interesting. 
  • NETFLIX. My god, Netflix. A whole new world. K-drama's galore as well as so many tv shows I needed to catch up with and finish. I also watched a lot of classics and award winning movies
  • All the Addams family movies. Brilliant
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel. Fuck me. Amazing. Cinematography, script, directing AND THE ACTING was so freaking good.
  • Whiplash = ALL THE AWESOME
  • New Girl: weirdly underrated
The thing that's getting me is: how fucking fast things are these days. I mean, most of my friends are near the end of their uni careers. A lot of my older friends have babies. Little humans that will grow into actual adults and I most likely will be the super cool young aunt. My sisters are both going to be moved out by the end of next year. Kids that I've known since they were little are fucking catching up. Everyone successful these days are my age or younger.

It just feels like the entire world is ending an old chapter together and entering a new one at the same time. How is that even possible? It's terrifying.