Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Poker Face

LOL biggest bludge today in maths. We went in and Mr. "Luna" was deciding whether or not to make us math homework or bludge off. Someone in the back of the class said LET US PLAY POKER. hahahahhaha. He's like....."Who's got cards?" and a few ppl put up their hands.

He goes to the board and teaches the class how to play eg. full house is bigger then a straight and so on. Then he's like "Behave, I'm going to go up and get poker chips and cards."

We were like HAHAH WTH!?! So while he's gone me and my friends played bullshit and I won! OH YEAH hahahah. Then he comes back down with, get this, poker chips, cards AND a roulette set! LOL The whole class was thinking...."What the hell does the staff do at lunch?"

So we split up and played: poker, roulette and bullshit. All of which were fun as. Mr Luna is now my most fav teacher now LOL.

OH last day of school tomorrow! -victory dance-

Friday, 19 September 2008

Awesome Stuff

I'm here to talk about how awesome some stuff is, as opposed to the sucky things in life (refer to Things That Should Die entry).

  • The fact that soft cones at McDonalds cost only 30 cents. Thats pretty much free ice cream right there!

  • How you can spell the word BOOBS out on any calculator. I find it hilarious.

  • Internet. It's free, it has EVERYTHING. From food delivery to watching videos on Youtube and everything else in between.

  • Sugar. Screw drugs and toxic fumes, this stuff will get you naturally high! LEGALLY.

  • Love. Whether its your family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or aminal, it's an awesome feeling.

  • God. The big guy upstairs. You know when everything in life is going all good, perfect and happy after a lot of crap happens? You can't help but be thankful for Him and his magical Holiness.

  • Dumb luck. When I say dumb luck I mean flukes, getting massives scores on an exam you didnt study, finding money laying around and only YOU see it, winning at a game you know nothing about. It's so fun and awesome hahahah.

  • How you can push into the canteen line without the teachers noticing and if they do then you can always blame the year 7 behind you.
  • Old school stuff. I love it. Chunky old nintendos, polaroids, walkmans. Memoriesss.
  • The fact that our Aussie prime minister can speak azn LOL. He's so cute and its really funny when an old white guy can speak Chinese better then you.

And probably a lot more. And I'm feeling and being really random.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


8:45 p.m.

The moon was soooooooo beautiful! I got a txt from Mr Dino to say look at the moon. I went outside and it looked like it came out of a movie! Tt was full, bright and half covered by a small thin cloud and it was glowing from the moonlight!

I fell in love with it and screamed for S to take a photo of it with her professional camera! I'll post it up later if I get to.



Saturday, 13 September 2008

Its getting hot hot hot!

It's friggen boiling man. early spring and its already 26 degrees. When summer hits, its going to hit us HARD.

Damn global warming.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Mr Dino 

edit: my mr cheesy, pedo, dino protector!



End of the World

Well I come home, go online and BAM 5 people MSN me saying OMFG it could of been the end of the world today because of a stupid scientist in Switzerland. I'm going to start ranting now =D.

THATS SO RETARDED. WHO WOULD RISK THE END OF MAN KIND AND THE FRIGGEN SOLAR SYSTEM TO PROVE AN IDIOTIC THEORY. And when they actually do it without thinking about the other 12 billion people in the world, nothing happens. What do they do instead of learn from their mistakes and quit? They plan to do it AGAIN. 


Tuesday, 2 September 2008



Monday, 1 September 2008


Men and their pride....