Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Cutting Corners

At lunch, while half the school went to drama room to hear about Marist Show dance auditions and Mission night dancing, Grace and Kiera and a few others were up in classrooms. Grace was changing for PE and Kiera was messing around by grabbing Grace's dress and dragged her all over the classroom while she was trying to get dressed.

So Grace is getting annoyed a grabs Kiera and they spin around for a while until Kiera says "shit" and flies away and hit her face in the corner of the desk. Apparently everyone was laughing they're heads off and Kiera was on the ground being pissed saying "garrr leave me alone" when everyone is laughing but still offering to help.

She went to the office and "She ran into a wall" Because
  1. We're not allowed to be in classrooms at lunch
  2. We're not allowed to get changed in rooms
  3. No violence or harrasment tolerated

At recess I was in the classroom and the fans were just starting to slow down because some one turned them off. Kiera comes in and throws my pencil case at it and it flies somewhere, she picks it up again and tries to throw it at the fan but misses 500 shots in a row.

So now Alana comes in and throws Kiera's pencil case at it and IT SMACKS KIERA IN THE FACE!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! Kiera gets angry and throws Alana's pencil case at it while everyone is screaming NOOOOOO because it was plastic.

It flies to the other side of the room, the bottom part is half ripped off and people had to duck because pens and pencil and stuff flew everywhere! Hilarious man.


LOL on the bus home today, I was sitting nest to Angie Pangie Maradini. We pass the Uni bus stop and we see JD and GC!!!!!!!!!!! Me, Ang, Sar-Bear and Steph were laughing so hard and I think they saw us too.

After that me and Ange started go back to the old days in primary school and named ALL the teachers, principles and classmates we had and who we've kept in touch with. Ahhhh memories, those were the days.

Coincidentally me, Emily and Mel were talking about the guys in primary school and we're starting to plan a reunion. So excited!!!!!!!

Monday, 24 March 2008

Things I Need

  • Punching Bag- Desperately needed for fitness, stress and health reasons
  • Diary- Not the school one because the school one dosn't allow non related school events in it or any "graffiti" including: drawings, overuse of highlighters, scribbles and actual graffiti
  • I need to get out more from home, from family more often. Going to the park down the road is good enough
  • To Draw- Find that art book Kaitlyn bought for my b'day last year because i actually did some awesome stuff in there and then start to draw more often. I'm losing it.
  • Self confidence- So far my self esteem level is at the empty depressing....

Pretty much everything on this list is impossible to get so I don't why I should bother, except for point number 4.

Sunday, 23 March 2008


My two favourite asian celebrity idols are teaming up! They're in a new movie together for the first time making history! They're extra extra extra cute and they got the maddest, hectic moves on earth!


They're in Forbbiden Kingdom together and here's a trailier.

There are going to be so many awesome scenes in this. OH and the kid from Sky High and the chick from Kung Fu Hustle is in it too BONUS! Can't wait till it comes out!

Easter Show!

Best. Easter. Show. Ever.

Fcking awesome. Literally went onto the four best rides first and got the Little Miss Bag. I finally met Grace's boyfriend Daniel and I met Dylan Booth(ie) and Jeffry. Awesome people, fatty foods (we like it like that), and had the best effing time ever. Totally worth the 85$ spent.

The fireworks at the end were just......-sighs happily-

I know I'll be sleeping happy tonight.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

World Peace?

I reckon what the world needs is a little more humanity. Look the word up at if you don't know what that is.


...I seriously need a life. Anywayz random fact:
  • In 1999 "Blame Canada" from South Park was actually nominated for Academy Award for Best Original song, Tarzan, "You'll Be In My Heart" by Phil Colins won.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008



Anyways I hating school right now. Here's an update on life since I haven't wrote in a while.

I gotta go ask to go to Easter Show on Saturday with people. Will be hectos if I'm allowed to go.
Fck 1 million exams and assignments, some of which are on the exact same effing day.

Now I got to go study algebra -shudder-

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Today while I was singing 'Reflection' from Mulan and the World Youth day song the second time for Open Day, Monique Humphries totally went off at Miss Kutra the French teacher. Apparently she said:
"Shut up! Nobody likes you, nobody likes french and no body is listening! So stop wasting our time and your
-Monique Humphries
.....something along those lines, I think about half right.
Anyways, I admit it should be banned and be against the law that french shouldn't be taught anywhere except France and to those who actually want to. I would give Monique a saulte but I kinda felt bad for the teacher. Maybe the delivery could have gone lighter or not as harsh. Eventually people witnessed the teacher in tears after the lesson and at lunch. I wonder what happened to Monique and what Miss Kutra will do now.

New Singer

Ok new addiction. This one is music...ok a singer. Her name's Kate Voegele and probably no one has heard of her. She plays Mia in the latest season of One Tree Hill as a rising singer when in real life she already is one.
Fav songs from her is:
  • No Good
  • It's Only Life
  • Kindly Unspoken (10 out of 5 stars!!!)

Anways thats probably all. Life is boring, I'm screwed because there are soooooo many exams and assignments due. I'm totally fcked. =D

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Things That Should Die

Ok so the title might be a bit extreme but this is not about how I hate people and wish they would fall off this world. Just things that just happen to annoy me.

Things that should die:
  • Sequels- DOWN WITH SEQUELS. They should just not happen because nothing comes close to the originals.
  • Corny Lines- Unless of course you live on Sesame Street but seriously I think the scripter for High School Musical should just die of shame. Those lines were way too corny, even for Disney.
  • Mosquitos- They say all things in life have a good purpose, like the bee gives us honey and spreads pollen. Hell even the spider saves the world from insect polluted air.

    But hold on, think about this: what does a flying blood sucking, disease carrier that buzzesin your ear at night and leaves you with giant lumps on your skin, contribute to society? FUCKING MALARIA AND LEAVING YOU LOOKING LIKE YOU'VE BEEN BATHING IN EFFING POISON IVY. So yes I rkn mozzies should fck off.
  • Homework- What is the point of homework? Apart from the obvious and the significant notification of the name yes I do get that it is work at home but seriously what does this acheive?

    Fair enough that we do enough at school but that is different, we're paying to be taught and educated in school. We actually learn at school but when we get home all we want is to eat, sleep, go online, hang with family and friends and so on, NOT LOOKING AT THE DICTIONARY FOR THE WORD ONOMATOPOEIA (the formation of a word, as cuckoo or boom, by imitation of a sound made by or associated with its referent.)

That's pretty much the end of my rant. There are probably heaps more to write about but since no one at all is reading this I'll just give up now =D