Sunday, 29 March 2009

Moulin Rouge!

Possibly best musical movie ever! I heart everything in this movie, EVERYTHING. Plot is great, acting is awesome and the music and magical!

And so I have chosen this for my canvas art project...which is due on Thursday...I need spray paint, CRAP. Gotsa go do work now.


OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. DUDE. I CANNOT BE BOTHERED ANYMORE. Ok in a science assignment, we have to pretend we're a 30 year old woman who is considering IVF. We write all the information as if it's a diary entry. In the diary entries I have to use formal language describing reproductiveness and IVF information.

A) Who the hell write formally in there dairy
B)Where the hell is the information on this so called "internet"
C) It's due tomorrow, I started it today.

P.s. im blogging from mttie's lappie while he's doing his math and quietly scolding me for procrastinating =D.

Thursday, 12 March 2009


New art assignment requires me to do a canvas artwork on popular culture things I like/ am obsessed about. I got all excited until it hit me; What the hell am I obsessed with??

I only like things:
  • Food
  • Manga- Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Death Note,
  • Drawing
  • Music - Paramore, Imogen Heap, Linkin Park, Yiruma
  • Instruments - Strings and Piano
  • Jeans/denim
  • Movies- Moulin Rouge!, everything else....
  • Cartoons (comics and animation)- Superheroes (superman, spiderman and the whole DC/Marvel gang), Pokemon, Disney (princesses)
  • Sleep
  • Books - Twlight, Ancient Future
  • Internet - MSN, fanfiction, blogging, youtube

and yeah.....doing Sailor Moon, heheheh and the inner geek comes out =P

Walking Under Ladder Syndrome

Walking Under Ladder Syndrome, also known as WULS. Pretty much a condition and name I made up just then. It means bad luck.
  • WANTED: Lost cream Billabong wallet; contains: 10 dollars, sony ericsson phone, house keys and numerous random and mostly useless cards used for decoration. yes it was stolen while i was at school. wahhhhh
  • dropped table on foot, hurts like hell
  • My computer breaks and when i use em's laptop, i accidentally get a virus on it. computers hate me, they commit technological suicide to get away from me.

Meh, could be worse. It''ll be ok soon enough I guess.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Filler Blog

Haven't blogged in ages for two main reasons
  1. I'm lazy
  2. My computer is broken...YET AGAIN gahh

So what has happened? Not much. School is school, friends are cool and that was unintentionally rhyming lol.


  • It's that time of the month when assignments slowly pile on and you don't notice how many there are utnil you're up late doing it last minute
  • THE SHOW THEME: you will not believe it. This is worse then HSM for soooooo many reasons. the theme is "SPIRITACULAR!" -insert spirit fingers here- and the whole plot is a massive gay ripoff of Camp Rock (a movie that made me gag within the first 10 minutes). At a performing arts school, the "Spirit Trophy" is missing! OH NO how do we solve this? Why by singing and dancing of course! yayy. I admit I am dancing in the year 9 dance and singing in choir BUT THATS ALL. XD
  • Regretting decision to learn commerce. -_-;
  • Eely is leaving! =O


  • Went to aquarium with Rang, Hayry, Ames, Tash, Lex and Sam. It was fun. DUGONGS ARE CUTE
  • Went to the Art Gallery of NSW with mttsie then to Taronga to see the newest additions: the red panda!
  • Getting everyone hooked on Dramacon....again xP

Thats about all... not much excitment. I'll post some up sooner then last time =P