Sunday, 29 June 2008

Random Change

For some random, strange, insane and awesome reason, Dad decided that we should renovate me and Michelle's room!

We are planning to seperate it down the middle with a shelf so i can have one side and she can have the other! We even went to IKEA on Saturday to look at furniture and stuff. It was so fun! I'm getting a bunk bed with a computer desk underneath, I want some floor cushions and a bean bag and a really fluffly round carpet! I won't have too much room to do much but I'll try my best.

I need a colour theme, to plan out what I want and to put what where. This is going to be so much fun! The only bad thing is getting ready to renovate which means moving EVERYTHING out to put more in! This is going to be insane but I'm so excited!

The 10 Rights to A Reader

Daniel Pennac wrote:
  1. The right not to read

  2. The right to skip

  3. The right not to finish the book

  4. The right to read it again

  5. The right to read anything

  6. The right to mistake a book for real life

  7. The right to read anywhere

  8. The right to dip in

  9. The right to read outloud

  10. The right to be silent

And with these ten rights comes one warning: “Don’t make fun of people who don’t read - or they never will.”

Saturday, 28 June 2008


LOL lyrics to the OLSH Rap:

Song: Being An OLSH Girl
Written By: Alana Gulden, Ashleigh Memmolo & Ashleigh Miller
Sung by: 8A408

Verse 1:
Being an OLSH Girl,
Come from the suburbs,
Respect the teachers.
Hmmmm yeah
(For the mothers)

I know there's some rules in this Catholic School,
Don't wanna stuff up, we know that's not cool.
Control your impulsivity.

We are OLSH,
We are proud!

Verse 2:
We come from all over,
But that's no excuse,
Our persistance is better then any of you's.


Verse 3:
We gotta persist
To be our best,
Don't be impulsive that's being a pest


Verse 4:
We gotta ask for help
To get an education,
Thats the aim,
Of this great nation

We are OLSH,
We are proud.

We are jolly,
Oh my golly!

We are OLSH,
We are proud.


Friday, 27 June 2008


There was a new Year 8 Challenge and it was to write a rap song about persistance and impulsivity. SO FUNNY. We did it in our classroom during lunch and filmed it with my phone.

Choreographer: Leila O'Connell and Alana Gulden

Camerawork/ Editing: Courtney Fong

Alana Gulden

Ashleigh Memmolo

Ashleigh Miller

I'll put up lyrics later

Thank God It's Friday

After this week, we only have three more days of school left!!! OMGEEE guess what? We have nearly a whole months worth of holidays because pilgrims are staying over at school during World Youth Day. OH YEAH!

Grace is now in crutched for 7 more weeks because she broke her ankle really bad in netball.

Keira's 14th birthday was on Wednesday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOVE YOU!

But she fell down the really steep stairs at the Uni for sport and hurt her back really badlyon Tuesday. Then today there was the usual stacks on in the afternoon and she hurt it again! Hope you get better soon love!

Sunday, 22 June 2008

An Active Weekend (for me it was)

Most people's active weekends would consist of various outdoor activities; maybe sports or the beach or visiting a friends place. Well this is MY definition of an active weekend:

Wake up at 10a.m.-12p.m.
Go to yum cha
Come home and play monopoly....AGAIN
Go watch the movie 21 (Which I rkn is pretty good)
Shout Easy Way
Come home
Go online
Eat dinner
Have shower
Watch TV
Go to sleep 11p.m.-1a.m.

THIS is active to me because the rest of the other weekends is like this:

Wake up 11a.m.-1p.m.
Eat breakfast in front of TV
Go online to do some random stuff
Have dinner
Have a shower
Watch TV
Go to sleep 11p.m.- 1a.m.

So yeah, I'm pretty happy and Most of these activities include Winnie, Ray and Michelle

Sammy's sick and when she's not working, she's at uni or out with friends; when she's not out shes at uni or work; whens shes not in uni, she is at work or out. If she is not out or working or at uni, she is in front of her Mac doing homework, MSN, facebook, youtubing, loud music and on the phone.

P.S. Random note: Jim Sturgess is so adorable!

New Addictions!

  1. Twilight is the top of my list
  2. Mars the manga and Asian show which has Vic Zhou in it from Meteor Garden (memories)
  3. The songs: Superhuman- Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson, Zero-Alan Kuo and old school songs. OH and some Beatle Songs
  4. Fried Ice cream with strawberry topping -drool-
  5. Drawing A LOT more because I FOUND MY BOOK! I'll scan and put some up laters
  6. Classic stories and poems like Shakespear, Jane Austen and Edgar Allen Poe.
  7. Musicals, it turns oput to be a secret liking of mine. I love musicals especially: Grease, Across the Universe, Moulin Rouge and Phantom of the Opera. I like all the others EXCEPT HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL.
  8. Monopoly
  9. Asian Music, old ones, only about 20 of them =P

Random Day

Haven't written on this in ages! Not much has been going on though.

I woke up and helped Winnie with some computer and car stuff. I then had breakfast and watched Juck My Luck with Lindsey Lohan in it and the main male actor was pretty hot. lol. Then I spent most of my day doing homework (SHOCKER), youtubing, fanfiction and music.

Kiera called me up and said that Leila's friend Lexy came up from Woollongong for the weekend and a bunch of the girls were going to the Marist Show at 6:45 p.m. I got this news while in the middle of a game of Disney Monopoly with Win, Ray and Mich. I lost first -.- so Michelle drove me to the Marist Show at the Marist Hall.

I have to say the show was absolutely CRAP! Such a waste of $10!!!! The guys looked so bad with their "dancing" most of it was one step to the right and one step to the left, turn around and do it again!

The singing was good though. Jaime from OLSH sang awesomely as usual and JENNIFER SANG A WHOLE NEW WORLD WITH A DUDE AND HELD HANDS WITH HIM AT THE END. IT WAS SO CUTE!

I came home afterwards and played Tropical Island Monopoly with Ray, Mich and Will (Win was having a party at her place) OMFG I WON FOR THE FIRST TIME!!!!!!!! YAYYY!

And now I'm writing this and saying goodnight.

Saturday, 7 June 2008


Math exam results: 39/45!!!!!!!!!!!!

Art Assignment Results: 47/50!!!!!

Re results: 34.5/40

Science: 39/49

PDH: 20/21

Notes about Nothing #4

Been sick ALL week, missed Maddie's b'day =[. been coughing a lot as well. The stupid cough medicine sucks. Missed a week of school, not complaining not happy as well though. Nothing to do but watch TV and drink lemon honey tea (yum).

Saw Forbidden Kingdom and LOVED it. Sammy got the third book in the Twilight series (Eclipse) can't wait to start.

Monday is Queen's birthday! -trumpet sounds- ALL BOW DOWN TO THE GLORIOUS QUEEN! We have a day off! AWESOME! I REEEEEEAAAAAAALLLY want to go to city with Christie but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to go to the city and whether I would get better or not.

MASSIVE fight last night between older sibs. No idea what about but they are now acting as if they dont exist. Dad got sick because of the stress =[.

Thats just pretty much all.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Twilight Full Throttle

God. Three blogs in a row about Twilight. It is THAT good!!! I saw the First ever completed scene and holy eff. I can't wait until the 12 of Decemeber, 3 minutes have got me all bubbly!!!!-sigh- soooooooooooooooo awesome!

OH I'm not gonna post the video OR site where you can find it because I WANT IT ALL TO MYSELF. LOL. But you can probably find it on (maybee...)

This will be a life addiction I swear to god.hahahha


Sunday, 1 June 2008

Twilight Trailer!

Just as promised here is the new trailer for Twilight which is coming out on the 12th of December! So read the series before it comes out. Unless you're one of those people who watch it then read it or just watch it =D