Monday, 31 August 2009


It's the last day of winter of 2009.
I'm waiting for the first day of Spring of 2009
Picture copyright of BW Inc from DeviantArt

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

Ok well here are the random little things I like
  • Seeing someone get what they deserve
  • Food given in small brown paper bags
  • The sky
  • The blue reclinable chair in my backyard
  • Reminiscing
  • Dreaming/imagining/spacing out
  • Belting out a song thinking no one can hear and slightly hoping they will
  • Understanding
  • Watching movies in class
  • Talking on the phone and/or reading in bed
  • When things turn out how they should
  • Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens (lol jking)
  • Bubbles
  • The smell of the art room
  • Hugs and kisses
  • Getting faster at completing the rubix cube (one minute something now)
  • Finding the perfect present
  • Being able to tick off a list
  • Completing a sudoku or find a word or a level in a game
  • Having you had-to-be-there moments
  • Discovering things like a place no one else knows about or a secret that a friend told you
  • When I know I helped someone's day get a little brighter


MSN is PMSing, forgive me if i don't reply.


To wen-chan, ily =D

Sunday, 30 August 2009

i'm trying

scared and confused. what happened?

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Shackles - Mary Mary

(8)"Everything that could go wrong, All went wrong at one time. So much pressure fell on me I thought I was gon lose my mind. But I know you wanna see If I will hold on through these trials. But I need you to lift this load Cause I can't take it anymore
In the corners of mind I just can't seem to find a reason to believe That I can break free Cause you see I have been down for so long. Feel like the hope is gone But as I lift my hands, I understand That I should praise you through my circumstance." (8)

Sang this for vocal group on Friday night, got really into it.

Vegas Skies - The Cab

(8) "And say goodnight our first goodbye, I’ve only got forever and forever is fine. Just take your time, We’ll stop the clock together And know that the timing was right" (8)

ily migi for recommending the song

Word of the Day

home  /hoʊm/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [hohm] Show IPA noun, adjective, adverb, verb, homed, hom⋅ing.

  1. the place in which one's domestic affections are centered.
  2. any place of residence or refuge
  3. the destination or goal.

So where's your home?

I Need More...

Sucky ass plan:
  • Get job
  • Save money from job
  • Spend some money on new clothes
  • Get my own style and not care what the hell anyone else says

New goal: Confidence.

I Keep On Coming Back

Kind of addicted to blogs, is that a bad thing?

Constants In My Life

·*°•·»[c]ourtne[y]«·•°*· says:
i should blog
i havent in a couple of dayd
i feel bad
- `-Matt says:
looks like somethinngs up*wnink wink
*pat apt
·*°•·»[c]ourtne[y]«·•°*· says:
- `-Matt says:
its just a blog fong
·*°•·»[c]ourtne[y]«·•°*· says:
yeahh i noe
but its one of the only constants in my life
so i shoudl stick to it
- `-Matt says:
constantly looking after me!
·*°•·»[c]ourtne[y]«·•°*· says:
- `-Matt says:
thats another constant
·*°•·»[c]ourtne[y]«·•°*· says:
it iss

You Know What?

Screw the everyday posts, that'll probably piss you off. I'll just do a secret and an MLIA for the days I have nothing to say.

Speaking of...whenever I recommend for someone to start a blog they always say they have nothing to say. Bull =]. Everyone has something to say, whether it's their words or not because we are human beings and we have minds that have opinions and thoughts that can change the world or just someone's day and that means the most.

Fill in

Hey guys, my bad for not posting up stuff. I could use the excuse of vocal group, essays and baking but that would be lying and I realised that I don't lie on this blog. (apart from the changed names but thats only for safety)

So the truth is I'm just a lazy ass who couldn't be bothered but the essays and vocal thingy did add to it...a bit.

Since I'm so lazy, I'm blogging right now from my bed. As soon as i wake up properly and do stuff around the house I promise to post things up.

Monday, 24 August 2009

Sense and Sensibility

pls excuse me as i go cry in my corner...


“This is a bad idea. You know that right?” Mamoru asked Usagi. She only grabbed his hand and pulled him towards Motoki’s table.

“There’s no such thing as a bad idea. There are good ideas that don’t offer us the best results.” Usagi stated simply. Mamoru only stared at the girl. He had a lot to learn about this one.

Secret #12

When I truely know what I want, I almost immediately give up the more I think about it.

MLIA of the day

"Today, my 3 year old cousin got a Superman cape for his birthday and thought this would let him fly. This worried his parents because his bedroom is upstairs. I told him it wouldn't work because he's blonde and Superman has black hair. He understood. MLIA"

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Secret #11

In the morning I weigh around 45-47 kg but by night time I'm back at 49-51 kg. I'm worried this isn't normal and that it'll add more to the weirdness in me.


I find it strange how we spill ourselves out into the internet instead of our friends. How we always joke or are silent at school but we never say what's actually on our mind. How when we're sad we tell people we're fine but secretly wish for them to ask again and comfort us.

I read my friends' blogs and then read my own; it scares me how we all seem to lead another life with so much passion about life, whether it's good or bad. It scares me when I realised that if I didn't read their blogs then I wouldn't know so much about how they really feel.

So for all the bloggers out there and the people with secrets and double lives, you're not alone and we'll walk together through our random (and slighty emo, cause admit it, we all got a little emo in us all) blogs and since this would make my day no matter what, I love you.

*Btw, extra hugs at school on Monday people! Cause the world needs more hugs.*

Just Stuff..

I really cbb anymore. Sometimes I just feel like yelling leave me alone. But we all know that I won't. Cause I'm just and I know that my biggest fear to being alone and I don't want to lose you. I know myself too well but not well enough to know what's wrong.

On the brighter side of things, I completed 40 hr famine successfully. I think I've raised from $150-$160 which is awesome since I was aiming to about $120.

I'll post more up about my day yesterday and also my secret of the day later.

MLIA of the day

"Today, I was at Blockbuster. Someone had put the Hannah Montana: The Movie in the horror section today. It made my day. MLIA"

Friday, 21 August 2009

Secret #10

The hardest thing I'm trying to acheive is believing in myself.


After each sentence someone says, add the word naked at the end.

MLIA of the day

"Today, I stopped by a street cart selling muffins and asked the guy if he was the muffin man. He gave my red and white striped sweater one look and said "Maybe, but only if you're Waldo." Touche Muffin Man. MLIA"

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Secret #9

I sing really loud when I dry my hair in hopes of the hairdryer drowning out my noise. Secretly I hope it doesn't.

Philosphy Art

I get way too bored...

MLIA's of the day

These two cracked me up:

"A few weeks ago, at school, they called an "emergency" assembly . The head of students took the stage and proceeded to tell us how ashamed she was that graffiti was happening in the school etc etc. Turns out, someone wrote "The Chamber Of Secrets has been opened!" in red paint on the bathroom walls. Genius. MLIA"

"Today, I realised there are no blue Skittles. Now I feel as though I cannot taste the rainbow. MLIA"


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Vocal Group!

Got reinvited to vocal group on Monday and today was the first practice at lunch. Next Friday night, our school is hosting some kind of event or ceremony for World Youth Day (which was last year, why are we still talking about this thing?). Originally it was only yr 12's,11's and 10's but since there aren't that many people everyone else was invited to come too. I volunteered since I had nothing planned for next Friday anyways (I have no life). The songs we are doing are:
  • People Get Ready
  • Shackles - Mary Mary
  • Oh Happy Day
  • Your Name

and a few others that we haven't found out yet.

I'm gonne be totally honest and admit that I love choir and vocal group. Choir cause it's just plain fun and the songs we sing are pretty cool. Vocal group because the songs are better and it sounds brilliant. Vocal group also makes me feel special =P

We all love for that one thing we're good at so that people notice and they ask you to be part of something selective or they compliment you or you find other people who love it just as much as you do. We all want to be special in a way so that amoungst being surrounded by other stars, you might shine bright enough to capture someone elses attention. I haven't exactly found this yet but I think I'm close to discovering it.

MLIA of the day

"Today, I secretly programmed my friends computer to say in a creepy guy's voice, "Please don't touch me there" whenever she pressed the delete key. I hope she is a poor typist. MLIA"

Secret #8

I love notepads and post its! I love making quick random or important notes on them or just accidentally drawing a masterpiece when bored. It gives me a sense of satisfaction while procrastinating or being totally useless.

Got one in Philosophy today. My excitement amazed Einahpets. Already filled the first page. Shall post up soon.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Yellow Note

In the middle of english today I got a yellow note to go to the office immediately. The vice principle wanted to talk to me about what I knew about her and what she was doing. I told the truth. Now I'm printing out coversations from MSN and giving names.

I'm doing this for your own good. Sorry.

MLIA of the day

"The other day I finished a biologytest with about 20minutes to spare.I hadn't brought a book to reach so I drew a face on each of my thumbs. I became so bored that I ended up having a conversation with my two thumb people. When I looked up several minutes later I realised that about 5 people in the class were watchingme and cracking up silently. MLIA"

Secret #7

I think of my life as if the events happen accordingly to a life controlling iPod shuffle somewhere. If not that then some weird soap opera.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Everyday Posts

Ok I've decided each day shall have a secret, MLIA and each new month shall have a drawing posted up. It might be old, new, dress design or cartoons or actual stuff from art class. Just to keep myself going and to keep this blog alive. If you hate the idea then....go away *sticks out tongue*

Secret #6

I'm scared of sunflowers. They're tall, big and they move during the day towards the sun. The centre also looks like it can eat your face off. Yeah...tell me that's an irrational fear.

MLIA of the day

"Today, my mum made me go to Toys'R'Us with her, and I got bored and started playing with a toy lightsaber. A girl came up to me with a funny look, and when I turned away she stabbed me with another saber. We dueled, she won, I got her number. I won. MLIA"

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Secret #5

I was trying to find ways to make myself better because I didn't think I was that important. I don't want to hold myself to high in case I end up falling too far. Now that I know I wonder if I should keep trying to find ways to change or to stay as I am.

*Edit: 200th post!*

MLIA of the day

"Today I was laying on my bed when I couldn't remember if I closed my door or not. I have to sleep with the door closed so I got up to check. I walked straight into the door. I now know that it is closed. MLIA"

Secret #4

Last night I had a dream you forgot who I was. I hope with all my heart that never happens.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

MLIA of the day

"Today, I was using Google earth, and typed in "Your mum's house." It went to an actual location and said "She makes wonderful muffins" Touche, Google earth

A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

Today I went to Ricefever! It was at the showground where Easter show was this time instead of the place from last year.

Em drove me to central where everyone met. Then we caught two trains to the showground. Playjerise and the New Empire was there and I got a Playjerise CD! Me so excited ^^Both bands were awesome live.

The talks were really good too. They were talking about the theme of torn identity, who we were. Of course as you would know I have no idea who I am. After the talks I think I was slowly getting it though which was good to know.

Then Luke and Steph had a flour and water fight which somehow got everyone involved. Luke copped most of the flour and Steph copped most of the water. It was hilarious.

Then we caught the trains back to central and Luke's mummy and daddy drove me home.

Next week is RiceRally which happens to be the exact day I'm doing 40 Hour Famine. The WHOLE day I can't eat. Of all days aye? lol

Wish me luck

Friday, 14 August 2009

Secret #3

Whenever I hug my family, I hug them as tight as I can especially since they give me the shortest hugs compared to anyone elses

Secret #2

I rewatch certain parts of a dance scene from a movie, memorise it, dance it and fantasise me and my friends dancing it at the next party.

You Owe Me!

A poke for a hug?

Fair enough.

heheh the things I have learnt from you:

  • Numerous bus routes and bus times
  • That HSM isn't half bad (only the second one xD sorry)
  • How to look at myself differently
  • Little things about me that I didn't know
  • That it's people like you out there who make the little things shine and the world a better place.
  • "You're going to change the world some day and you don't even know it"

I love my brother/best friend!

Secret #1

I love dancing in the shower to my phone.

My Life Is Awesome...I MEAN Average =P

Paying out FML is good enough but these people are plain hilarious. It's even more hilarious when I can relate to more then half the stuff posted up. Each day shall have a MLIA quote of the day....I hope...

"Today, as I was going to bed, I noticed my teddy bear was completely covered by the blanket. I moved it down a little so that he could breathe. MLIA"


Sunday, 9 August 2009


I'm a secret fan of the Pussycat Dolls. OK so some of their moves and outfits are a bit slutty and unecessarily, but hey if you got a body and the ability to move like that, I don't blame them for showing off.

And the singing and songs are really good too, listen to them live on youtube! I think I would say they are my favourite songs to dance to. Fun =D

Yeah anyways gtg do my assignment which is due tomorrow....which i haven't started...and i have to study for my math exam too...which is also tomorrow....crap.

Friday, 7 August 2009


The thing that gets me isn't that you're doing the exact same thing over again, or that you aren't learning, or that you think the worst of me and yourself.

It's the fact that of all the people, I've been there even when I didn't want to be, even when most of my friends and nearly everyone else said no or told me to ignore you. And so the one time I don't do anything or I'm busy doing something else, you put MY name up there, you accuse ME of being something that I'm not in front of everyone else, for the whole world to see. And then you try to make ME feel guilty for nothing.

The worst thing is when you drag others who aren't involved into it.

So that's when I start to try to stop caring. I don't know whether it'll help you or not but I hope that you'll get the picture soon enough.


*Girl 1 and Girl two fight over the shape of the table when one of them realised they could not sit on the same side. Girl 1 explains to us why she is right*
Girl 1: She thinks the table is a square, but this side is obviously longer then this side.
Girl 2: It's a SQUARE
*Girl 1 sits on the longer side*
Girl 1: Ok come over and sit next to me, then you'll see that we can both fit
*Girl 2 sits on the longer side*
Girl 2:....this is a really bad square..

Monday, 3 August 2009


Mum's birthday was on Saturday! So on that day I went to watch Tranformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen which was quite awesome for a sequel and very closely awesome to the first movie. I went with Kwistophe, Laurie, Einahpets, Migi, Shazz and Luke.

Then after the movie we had lunch. (-drooooool- Nacho fries) Then we walked around for a bit, I bought pink roses for mum and then I caught the bus with Luke back to home but then he had to go back cause his mum was at easties.

Then that night we all went to Wagaya in the city. Japanese place where you can order your meals on a touch screen tv menu in your own booth. Very nice. I had a strawberry fizz mocktail. Twas nice.

Anyways ways, Happy belated birthday mum!

New Goal

Stop download and buy more cd's!

Cause CD's are old school and awesome and if you're computer crashes the music won't be lost....unless of course if the CD was in the computer when it crashed....then I'll be screwed....

But oh wells. Anyways I miss CDs....that is all.....I am also procrastinating from doing an extended one page response to tell my teacher why so many people believed that Federation was a desirable goal. He's going to read the same thing 30 times anyways...retarded.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Ling (Zero) - Alan Ke Yu Lun

I love this song! It's the beginning theme song for the asian series Mars, which came from the manga series with the same name. It's sung in chinese.

Never believed anything was beautiful in this world,
Pain...loneliness...and a little weariness
Never let anyone into my zero-degree space alone...than think of anyone else
When two people are together don't they only get a bit of comfort?
Escape...the past...then forget it all.
Never thought that one day my ending would suddenly change
Who will...take hold...of my weak arms?
Why cry?
(Who's wrong? Who's right? Who do you apologize for?)
Won't cry again...
(Who's wrong? Who's right? Who do you worry for?)
Enter a zero degree space; wait for all to break.
Though love may be dangerous, we'll face it together.
It's too late to prepare for a promise never heard
How can I accept a tomorrow with more love?
Exit a zero degree space; everything's finally broken
Though love may tire, I'll never regret it
Let down my defenses; nothing matters anymore
Escape a dark world, start a new tomorrow
A new tomorrow
A new world


Just something I drew in the beginning of the holidays. Not finished yet I think but I don't know if i want to add anymore in case it'll ruin it. Yeah she's disproportioned, I know.