Wednesday, 30 January 2013

American Australian's

I find it so strange that there are Australian celebrities that are a million times more appreciated in the states or other countries then in Australia. There are people that I understand: Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Hemsworth brothers, Cate Blanchette etc. But then there are these people:

Keith Urban. To me, he's an Aussie country singer who is married to Nicole Kidman and was a judge on AUS Voice. But then me and my friends are watching previews in the cinema. An ad comes on and informs us that all two of his concerts were sold out and so a third one has been announced. Me and my friend gave each other this look. The look that said WHO THE FUCK GOES TO KEITH URBAN CONCERTS AND HOW DID TWO OF THEM ALREADY SELL OUT AND WHY IS THERE A THIRD ONE. And then 2013 Golden Globes, he was nominated for his original score in a film. And he was a highly regarded judge on American Idol. I don't get it America....Not that I'm not saying he's not talented or anything. I just don't get it.

I actually had a whole list going on inside my head but after that rant and not writing down that mental list....I forgot.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Herbology and Nerdfighting

I keep remembering this one moment in math class of sixth grade where we were designed the blueprint of our own school. We were learning about area or something. When I showed mine I had to explain each building and its purpose. When I reached the rectangle that was the greenhouse and explained what it was, my teacher stopped me and gave a little solo applause. He was amazed by my eco-awareness or something when in actual fact I wanted to learn herbology and harvest some mandrakes like in Harry Potter.


Also, I'm a nerdfighter now. I am quite ashamed at how long it took me to figure out what it was and watch over 300 videos of the vlogbrothers (still up to 2008, btw).

I've got a huge fucking urge to bake.

but whaaaaaaaaat?

After watching Community

Episode 22 of season 1, The Art of Discourse, I have a renewed sense of purpose. TO MAKE AND COMPLETE A FIRST-YEAR-OF-COLLEGE-BUCKET-LIST-OF-CLICHE-THINGS-PERPETUATED-BY-TEEN-MOVIES.

Me being weird. Again

So a guy comes by the house and I was really dreading turning down his religion or school concert or great new product. Also, I was in my pyjamy-jams. 

Alarmingly, the guy was cute. And his pitch was awesome. Pretty much they worked with Woolies and Coles and wanna bring back the MILK MAN SERVICE. I'm sorry I got really excited about it. And I really wanted to accept. But I think my family would probably say no. I've always wanted an old school milk man/delivery service. It's very Pleasantville. And you guys know how much I love Pleasantville. And by "you guys", I mean no one. CAUSE NO ONE READS THIS BLOG BUT FOR MAYBE ONE OR TWO PEOPLE.

Anyways the point is: I want to say yes to this guy and the services. Cause it's cute. =]

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Up to stage 3 so far...

When you start a new series and about halfway through the season you start to cry because you're getting addicted to yet another series. And fuck as if you're not already emotionally stunted from all of these soul crushing shows.

Damn you television. Damn you.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

I'm just unhappy. And I don't want to be.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

"It's time for a new normal"

Thursday, 3 January 2013

I really have no idea where my life is going at the moment.

It's like as if as soon as 2013 hit, life decided to completely change and leave me totally disorientated. New friends, old friends, lost friends and found friends.

At the moment I'm barely adjusting with it all, emotionally and mentally. I don't know how to feel. One moment I'm completely happy and then I'm all of a sudden hit with a bout of depression. I just want to figure everything out and for everything to be ok for everyone.

It'll get there one day, right?

When things get bad I tend to say the same things:

  • This will pass. Somehow, this problem will be over and one day I won't even remember it happened.
  • Keep going. There has to be one day in the future where everything I'm going through now was worth it. 
  • It'll be ok. It has to be.

When things are strange and weird and awkward and messed up.

2013, please treat me well.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Twenty Thirteen

And so midnight passed and (part of) the world yet again celebrates entering a new year. To be honest I really didn't give much of a shit?

I didn't do anything at the time. I was playing Zoo Tycoon 2 on an old laptop and the only other person in the house was Dad who was watching his shows outside. It took numerous mass New Years texts in order for me to realise it was past twelve a.m. and that the fireworks started in Darling Harbour. I turned the television on as background noise and really didn't look at the screen.

Maybe it was because I didn't do anything special at all today or maybe it was the fact that I secretly hated more than half of 2012 because some pretty shit things went down but 2013 isn't really doing it for me yet. I'm not trying to be a downer. I really do hope for the best in 2013 but right now I can't feel or think anything new or revolutionary for the new year.

It's probably very strange for a person in my place to say and feel that considering I just finished 13 years of school which concluded with a shitastic HSC (I got 73.5 btw. Scaling is a bitch and a half) and I have uni ahead of me (if I get in, that is. Scaling can go die in a fire or jump off a cliff for all I care. No one would mourn) A whole new chapter. The beginning of a new journey. My future awaits me. One door closed and another one opens. And any other stupid ass cliche you can think of.

I'll post New Years Resolutions which I most probably will not stick to after a month, maximum:

  • Commit and stick to my review site:
  • Write and post more up on here
  • Continue to explore fields of strength, passion and interest for future careers that'll make me globally known for some reason and then I become rich and famous and I'll be able to do what I want, get what I want and so forth.
  • Lose weight. Lol I've already half given up on that after I wrote it.
  • I really don't know. I don't really have any high expectations or hope for me right now. I need something to set me off.
So may this year be a bajillion times better than it's first impression on me. And all the best of luck, hope, wishes for all my non-existent readers.