Sunday, 27 July 2008


List of songs currently on my MP3:
Adele - Hometown Glory
Alan Ke Yu Lun - Zero
Annie Lennox - Wonderful
Brit & Alex - Let It Go
Caitlin Staset & Dean Geyer - Unforgettable
Carol Woods & Timothy Mithchum - Let It Be
Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson - Superhuman
Des'ree - Kissing You
Enrique Iglesias ft. Keri Hilson - I'm Not In Love
Enrique Iglesias ft. Lil Wayne - Push
Ewan McGregor & Jose Feliciano - El Tango Roxanne
F.I.R - Lydia
Fort Minor - Where'd You Go?
Gary Jules - Mad World
Imogen Heap - Hallelujah
Jim Sturgess - All My Loving
Joel Turner - These Kids
Kate Havnevik - New Day
Kelly Clarkson - Haunted
Linkin Park - Shadow Of The Day
Playjerise - Cross The Line
Semisonic - FNT
Sugarbabes - Too Lost In You
Switchfoot - Only Hope
Take The Lead Soundtrack - Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be)
Teddy Geiger - For You I Will (Confidence)
Teriyaki Boys - Tokyo Drift
T-Pain ft. Teddy Verseti - Chruch
Trey Songz - Can't Help But Wait
Vanessa Anne Hudgens - Promise
Veronica Verdier - Asi Se Baila El Tango
Vic Zhou & Barbie Xu - Let Me Love You

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Notes about Nothing #5

  • HOLY CRAP Dakota Fanning is the same age as me! In fact she's a few months OLDER then me! She looks so tiny and she's so famous. She was born in February 23, 1994 and is now fourteen. Scary.....
  • I saw the cutest Siberian Husky today at easties and I want it BAD! It was black and white and had beautiful blue eyes.
  • Last book of the Twililght series: Breaking Dawn is coming out on August 4th and Midnight Sun is the story of Twilight told through EDWARDS perspective!!!!! Cannot wait!
  • Alana broke a toilet by standing on it today XD SO funny.
  • Love the song "Let It Go" by Brit & Alex for some reason right now

I actually like school for the reason of the actual subjects I like, my friends, more physical activity and gives me a life lol. I only hate it because its goes on for too long, the horrible teachers, annoying people and crap ass, unesessary subjects.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Tim Tam Friggen Slam

OMFG I am in chocolate heaven. I was youtubing kevjumba (>.<) and a link led me to see him and a few other famous youtubees getting high in a Tim Tam Slam party!

You bite on corner of a Tim Tam and then bite the opposite corner.
Then you put one end of the tim tam in a hot milky beverage of your choice (I personally love Ovaltine) and sip it through the Tim Tam
You then eat the Tim Tam and it shall melt in your mouth!

Voila Chocolate Bliss!

I have done it so many times and have been in heaven each Tim Tam!


Friday, 11 July 2008


Well a few nights ago I was talking to G. We havent talked in ages so he added his friends to the convo, Mtt, Ch and Laur. We were talking about movies and then somehow we ended up arranging to play tennis. I can't hit a ball for my life so I wasn't going to play.

We met up today at Heffron at around 2. The guys were really nice and the game was really funny. Mtt likes HSM! ROFL. He has good songs on his phone though.

We all paid Laur out on his tennis skills and he ended up owning them all LOL. G hit Mtt on the head with the tennis ball at least two times. He was paranoid for the rest of the game XD.

I was just sitting there, being "ball girl" and listening to music on my MP3 and Mtt's phone. It was nice, I had a good time.

I think we're arranging to see the X-Files movie soon....

Sunday, 6 July 2008


Well of all things to strt doing in my holidays I'm knitting HA. For no reason at all. Grandma's also going to teach my how to do calligraphy which rkn would be awesome. Anyways I'm going to set a list of goals I want to accomplish by the end of these holidays:
  • Master calligraphy
  • Draw A LOT
  • Study for math test that only our class is having on a Monday of our second week back...thnx Mr Moon
  • Write that english essay
  • Read class book: Winter
  • Plan my room out. OMG mum said we're allowed to paint our rooms! YAY
  • Maybe start writing some fanfic....
  • Knit something useful.

Lets see how this will come out hehhehe....

Kiera's Birthday Party!


The dinner was really nice. We went to Mama Teresa's and had a table next to the window on the top floor. There was Grace (still cripple), Leila, Monique Gander, Steph Bartlett, Kiera and me. We made friends with the waiters Eduardo and Alex who we name Axe because Grace's brothers name is Alex too lol.

We just started talking and never stopped. It was nice =). We got to pick what we wanted so I got the pasta bow ties with creamy chicken and mushroom which was -drool- lol. For dessert we all wanted the chocolate mousse but there was only one left so we gave that to Kiera since it was her Birthday and we all got this really creamy and nice vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping.

For a pressie I got her a really nice chain bracelet with blue frangipanis on it and a Peter Griffin key chain and a nice card.

Once again: