Tuesday, 17 March 2015

So life update!

So life update!

I went to China where it was fun and exhausting and trying. My family can barely be around each other in the same space each night at home let alone 24/7 in a (somewhat) foreign country. So lots of fights and frustrations. Tourist-wise it was so fun. Hong Kong, I shall be back with friends!

Back at uni. I'm technically still in my Arts/Education degree but I'm just doing my arts courses (Majoring in film and minor in English). So far my courses are amazing (we're in week 3) and interesting. I'm finding my motivation again. The courses all have to do with modernism and film and literature. Film Genres, Contemporary Approaches to Cinema, and Modernism: Screen and Text. I just figured out I'm studying the Passion of Joan of Arc in two different courses.

Work is work. It's beginning to be a pain in the ass, which is normal for a "getting by" job. Especially one at a grocery store. The never ending cycles of new managers is ridiculous because the store is so shit and stressful that they all keep leaving. And so the rest of us workers have to try and adapt to what ever neurotic tendencies the new manager has.

I'm making new friends, keeping in touch with some old ones. I'm really trying to get more involved in shit now. Sort out this shit. Earning enough money to sustain my online shopping problem, going out, tickets to events and all that.

Let's hope 2015 is better than 2014.