Thursday, 31 December 2009


The beginning was about healing
The middle was about moving on
The end was about new beginnings.
It was all crazy.

I can't think of anything deep or great to say about 2009. So I shall just list words that mean a lot to me.

MSN. Breakups. Depression. New friendships. Sneaking around. Late night convos. DnMs. Ice cream. Easyway. Eastershow. Rice. Moving on. Tests. Exams. Performances. Spiritacular. Michael Jackson. Movies. Music. Weekends. School. Youtube. Downloads. iPods. Girl drama. Boy drama. Crying. Laughing. Happiness. Macs. Beach. Park. Birthday parties. Suprise birthday parties. Photos. Food. Dancing. Singing. Nuns. Teachers. Locker room. Park. Stories. Glee. Pregnacies. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Bestfriends. Enemies. Relatives. Hugs. Kisses. Fights. Breakdowns. Buses. Trains. Taxis. Carpools. Haircuts. Art. New Moon. Harry Potter. Concerts. Presents. Covers. Junk Food. Make ups. Park. Webcam. Nacho Fries.Changes. Love. Ilyafam.

Happy new year. May this one be better then the last. Hopefully. Make the most of it. Cause there is only one time that there will be a 2010 and we've only got one life to live


the last hour of 2009 by myself...wonder if this is a sneak peek into the new year.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I want it to rain. I need it to rain. The air is getting hard for me to breathe in properly.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Would love to

go to a masquerade. My ultimate dream party.

Natalie Dormer

is gorgeous.


"Life feels weird at the moment. I feel like something big or a massive change is about to happen. Hopefully it's something good. I'm content at the moment; everything seems fine. I'm feeling like I'm looking for something nowadays too."

--Sunday 11th October 2009

Did things change? Was it good? Did I find it?

These are a few of my favourite things (part deux)

  • Late night conversations
  • Finding bargains in stores
  • When plans fall through
  • DnMs
  • Getting to know someone
  • The musty smell of old books.
  • Getting back to school shopping
  • The first day back at school
  • Finding something I've lost
  • When you're just messing around with something but it becomes something so much more like a scribble becomes an artwork or jamming ends up being a song
  • When you fix something
  • Getting mail or a parcel
  • Bumping into an old friend while I'm out
  • Seeing someone after it feels like forever since you last saw them
  • Homemade presents
  • Making personal jokes and referring back to it
  • Hanging out with friends and forgetting about everything else
  • Watching movies in the cinemas and buying CDs
  • Sneaking off

It seems

that our goodbyes are getting longer and harder.

Monday, 28 December 2009

MidKnight - AJ Rafael

There's this place, it's called home
For me I don't know where to go
I don't know who I'm supposed to be
Or who I am
I feel so damn lost in the cold

There's this thing called the heart
Well mine beats in the rhythm of the dark
I can't find what my purpose is
Or who I am
I feel so damn lost in this world

Saving the world's not enough
Maybe if I knew a little more about love
Then I could finally find who I am
And then you'll agree
There's more to me then what you see

(Save me, save me)
Save me, yeah.


was nice. Spent time in Newcastle with friends and family. Had lots of cards games, karaoke, food and really good conversations. The talks were good, they were about asian parents, generations and personalities. Very in depth. It was too formal to be a DnM but was deeper than they usual discussion.

Happy belated Merry Christmas. I can't tell if this year was too slow or too fast. I'm lost in time and in my own head.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Season 7 Finale

of One Tree Hill was....good. Can't wait till next season. Might be a bit predictable though....meh =D

Youtube more

Legaci. They do awesome old school and new RnB covers and medelies

Sunday, 20 December 2009

About A Boy

was on tonight. Hugh Grant's character was comparing his life to a tv show. I understood.

On my show where I'm the main character (the angsty and weird teenger that feels no one understands and yet isn't emo...yet) and my family and friends are regulars.

Friends of friends, people at school and extended family are extras and recurring characters.

Drama is

My life show genre would be....hrmmm. I don't know. Is teenager a genre?

My show would be the most like OTH (season 1-4, when everyone was still in high school) except more realistic and normal which pretty much means less sex, drugs and our parents, although equally emotionally damaging, are less evil.

What TV show is your life most like?

Youtube Musicians

David Choi, Sam Tsui, Kina Grannis, AJ Rafael = <3

Happy Birthday Party

Wow. Ok lots of planning for one week. Here was the original plan for the day for Mattie's "Suprise" party:

11: Picnic at the park
2.25: The Avatar 3D
5.30:Carols In Domain
Chip In Present: Blue Ipod Nano

After lots of irritation, questions and 5 emails later it changed to:

10.30: Picnic at park. (if piss pouring rain then picnic cancelled)
1: Avater 2D (20$ for 3D)
5:Carols in Domain
Chip In Present: Green Ipod Nano (they ran out of blue)

Lots of buses and threatening rain clouds, card games, soft drinks and phone calls and sneak offs. My favourite part was movies. Avatar is pretty awesome. Happy birthday to Chris and Luke.

P.S. Shoutout of love to God for listening to my prayers to hold off the rain that us mortals predicted for last night at Carols. <3

Friday, 18 December 2009

Happy Birthday Luke!


a bad feeling. Trying to be positive but...


was sooooooooooooo awkward xD


I'm getting back into old songs and artists who we haven't heard of in a while.

The one

day the bus go on a strike. Is one of the days I need it most.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Breakfast At Tiffany's

easily went up to my top two favourite movies of all time just then. Audrey Hepburn is the sweetest and cutest I have ever seen. Watch it!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Carols in Matraville

Went with Luke and saw heaps of people there. From OLSH and Marcelline. Didn't know that many people lived in Matraville. Heaps of people. But they weren't singing Christmas Carols until the very end.

So me and Luke spent the rest of the night walking around the houses and looking at Christmas lights and then playing games in the park. It was a really really nice night. One and a half more weeks til Christmas!

StephSteph's Partay


Lol everyone was like FLORAL? CASUAL? COLOURFUL?? for the theme. Turns out it was all three.

Got there a little late. Sammy had to get home from city. People were swimming, sitting, talking and Luke and Christie brought their guitars. It was nice. Luke and Gary were paranoid and freaked out that Steph's brother was gna bash them.

Then came cake. There was 3 of them. We kept on stealing everyone's pavlova. It was sooo good. Then we went to the backyard to just hang around. More guitar and singing. It was really nice.

Happy Birthday StephSteph. Ilyy

Picnic Day


Walked to Centennial Park with what was left of the school. Freaking long walk man. Got there, ate a crapload of junk food, skipping rope, limbo, poker, uno and braiding bracelets and hair. Such a girly day. It was good though. Very nice weather. Took photos with teachers that are leaving the school.

We then walked back and we were all really thirsty. I was dying. Guess what we did at school? Skip even more. Oh yeahhhhh. Then last bell of the last day of the year at school rang. I got upset on the bus to school when I realised it would be my last picnic day ever.

Ily 9B302!


Religion: A
English: A
Maths: B
Science: B
History: A
Commerce: A
Philosophy: B
PDHPE: A (Holy crap...)
Visual Arts: C (yeah I know)

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


replying to someone elses personal message on msn through your own pm is win.


MIJI! You're future husband should do this:

Today, I woke up to an invitation from my boyfriend to draw with him on the Doodle Buddy app on our iPhones. I accepted. My boyfriend then wrote will you marry me? And my closet doors burst open, my boyfriend ninja-rolled to my bed, got on one knee, pulled out a ring and asked again. Of course I said yes. MLIA

MLIA of the day

"Tomorrow, I have to hand back all my textbooks to the library. As I have a habit of adding annotations(in pen) to the margins, I was panicking a little, until I realised that at the start of the year I had signed my name in all of my textbooks as 'The Half-Blood Prince'. Problem solved. MLIA"

Long time

no post. Well it's because my computer area was infested with bedbugs which bit me and made me look like a diseased idiot. ...well...more of one.

Just came home from getting my Mac. The principal's like "h you've been bugging us for 6 months about these things." I said to Mich ( who was my unwilling guardian for the night, more on that later) "That's cause you promised us Macs 6 months ago."

But yeah, bludging 3 periods tmrw for Macbook "boot camp". Sounds brutal. Not really.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

I always..

like the covers than the original song. Go to youtube and find the user ilajil. You'll then know what I'm talking about.

Gotta love..

Hair flipping

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

I wrote

a poem a couple of weeks ago. I just reread it. I love it. <33

1st of December

omggggggggg this year has been hectic. And fast.