Monday, 29 December 2008


Went to Guylian Cafe on the Harbour. Went with Ray, Fill, Win, Harry and Es. It was good. Fill, Ray, Win and Harry got two small trays of samples of chocolates and desserts which came with two mugs of hot chocolate. Me and Es shared a really really nice cake, forgot what it was called and a Praline shake which was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too rich and filling. Overall....not as good as Max Brenner =P

The Day After Boxing Day

My sisters, parents and Anne repainted the restaurant so that it smelt like fresh paint and was blindingly white.

I got paint alllllllllllllllll over me EXCEPT for my paint shirt and shorts which was annoying but I didn't mind too much, I like the paint-splatter-artist kind of look =P.

That night the Youngs and Thongs had dinner at the restaurant (closed until 2nd of January). Fill and Es then wanted to go watch a movie so we decided to go watch 'The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button'. My sisters, Bill, Ray, Fill and I all went together. The movie was great, an 8.5/10 and is sure you pull a few tears.

After that we went back to our place and we wanted to do something at 1 in the morning. Suggestions included:
  • Going to the beach
  • Bowling
  • Laser Tag
  • Cruising

We decided to see if Wagaya in the city was open, we went too late but went to a nearby Singaporean restaurant. I got a massive stomach ache so I barely touched my hot chocolate and only finished half of my dessert. I didn't care, at least we did something on a Saturday night/Sunday morning.

My 24 Hours of Christmas Part 3

Well I took a nap during that break and dinner didn't start until around 10 p.m.

There was A LOT of food. Too much food for twelve people. I couldn't move much at the end of the night. We were sitting around reading, playing PS2, on the computer, gambling and chatting after we ate.

We hit the hay aroun 1 or 2. One of the best Christmas' ever.

My 24 Hours of Christmas Part 2

My family and I got up around 10-12ish and got started cooking. I made tuxedo Strawberries (Strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate so that it looks like the strawberries were wearing tuxedos), Sam made truffles, Mich made crab soup bisque, Grandma made sago, mum and dad bbq-ed, Anne and Hen made pasta's and salad, Ray and Fill made salads and Harry and Win made roast.

Mttie and his cousin N came over around 12 so I entertained them by playing PS2 with them as the others joined in occassionally, especially Harry because he did not give up until at least half an hour later. We played for an hour or two and then went to eat. After we ate, we played more PS2 and then Mttie and N had to leave for their own family gathering.

Then Billiam came in the middle of the second round of PS2 so he managed to finish eating before me, Mich, Bill, Ray, Fill, Win and Harry played the special and real edition of Monopoly to which Fill won. We then took a loooooooooooooooooooooooong break.

My 24 Hours of Christmas Part 1

Well it all began at the strike of 12, I was on the phone with my brother and EVERYONE was over around the tree, exchanging gifts and revealing who was each others Kris Kringle. It was great.

For KK I got:
  • The Official Twilight Soundtrack
  • Twilight movie book
  • Kikki.K Diary, pens, friend book, sharpener, pencilcase and notebook.
  • Some missing Gossip Girls books I've been missing

From others:

  • Money
  • Bracelet with Coco engraved into it (from Sammy)
  • New Moon

Then we all said our goodnights, Merry Christmas' and went off to our homes to sleep.

A Belated Greeting

(a very late)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but it is also the most common form. So what does that mean?

PowerPuff Girl Rant

I hate them, I hate them, I seriously hate them more then anything now. Why?
  • Who the hell name the group the PowerPuff Girls? It the most lame and most stupid name in the history of superhero names.
  • They're names are ridonkulous too. Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom. I mean seriously man.
  • The concept is quite disturbing, Kindergarteners who have superpowers to kill villans. a.k.a 4-6 years olds killing things.

Ok, so maybe I only just hate them because of that damn addictive game Jakies sent me. I do find them cute, especially bubbles since she can talk to aminals...including squirrels XD.

P.S. I got all this information off Wiki

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Oh No!

I was talking the Jakies and he mentioned the Jap character Domo-kun. Google/ Wikipedia the thing, I'm sure you'd recognise him once you see him. Anyway Jakies then went quiet for 5minutes and then sent me this link:

It's a game where Domo-kun gets revenge on the Powerpuff Girls after they frame him for killing a boy. It's freaking ridiculous, it mocks Powerpuff girls, there's a moderate amount of violence and it's graphics match the old school nintendo super mario style; so basically it freaking rocks lol.

This game will have you smashing your keyboard like a maniac and screaming at the screen (if you're like me), you will eventually start to hate Powerpuff Girls (if you didn't already) and they even make you hate penguins and maybe even the game itself, regardless this thing gets addictive!

It made me hate the Powerpuff Girls so much that I shall rant about them in my nxt blog! ;P

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Carols In the Domain 2008

Walked over to Mttie's place... got lost for a minute or two....hehehe....OK OK I'm directionally challenged ok?

Gave him his present, even though it was a day or two late...then we talked, played PS2, played piano (which he is freakishly good at...) and did his tv guide crossword lol. His grandma is soooooo cute! XD hahah. She asked me all these questions about me and my family (mainly because she thought me and Mtt were going out along with everyone else) and you'd think it would be hard to communicate with her since she spoke a little english but since I grew up with my lack of english talking grandma, it was easier.

We were going to go to the Carols in the Domain with Mtt's church ppl but they cancelled due to the rain. So me and Mtt still wanted to go and called pretty much all the people we knew (not literally because Mtt knows too many ppl). So it ended up being him, me, Chr, Kev, Mel, Ev and GP. Mtt's daddy drove me, Mtt and Mel (picked her up) to the city where we met everyone else. We walked around for a loooooooooooooooong time to buy food and drinks to eat at the concert. The guys also found out how hypo Mel could be when she was calm...(did that make sense?) lol. We walk to where the thing was held and walked around for 15 minutes, trying to find a patch of grass to sit on, we gave up and went to a hill thingy.

omfg...THEY KEPT ON TRYING TO TAKE A PHOTO OF ME! and I hate photos because
A)I look crap in photos and
B)I look crap in photos =P

It was fun! We kept on burning stuff with the candles and got high talking about the most randomest things. OMG I WAS THE ONLY NON INDO THERE! Got soooooooo cut when they started talking about me in indo. Took my anger out on Mttie's arm =D. The fireworks were amazing! We managed to get fragments of the broken firework exploder thingies =P.

When we were catching the bus when Carols finished; Mel, kev, Chr and GP took the 392 but me and Mtt saw the 394 right behind it so we took that and got the less crowded bus (SCORE) haha. Them Mtt's bro picked me, him, mel and nat from kingsford and took us home.

Good times, good times.


B'day Shoutout!

(lol im older then you guys...XP)


Ok this actually happened a few days ago...don't remember when....OH it was the 17th! ok ok lol.

Umm well the original plan was to meet up with G, Mtt, Chr and Kwistophe at 11 at Hoyts so that we could watch a movie, then go to me and G's park, then pick up G's little bro.

What really went down:
Met up with ppl, bought Mttie a slice of cake from Gloria Jeans since it was his birthday the next day and we couldnt choose a movie so we walked (the long way) to me and G's park. I got a bit bored on the walk so I decided to invite Mel. We met up and went to the park and spent like...half an hour? maybe a bit more at the park. The other people met Mel and it was quite funny. Then we went and got food and drinks and somehow ended up at my place, getting sprayed with a hose and singing really bad kareoke. Then we went and picked up Mel and G's bros from the old primary school.

OMG its changed quite a bit, the senior block has new bars(which=the school looking like the jail it is) and theres a secret garden thingy behind the sports shed and some other stuff which I don't really remember right now...

Ok so G and Chr ditched to go home so me, Kwistophe and Mttie walked Mel and her bro home. Then we walked Kwistophe half way to easties but Mttie ditched halfway. So I called Mttie with the intention of going off at him because he ditched and didn't say bye. He was at Heffron so I went to meet him....he walks so annoying fast and so farrrrrrr XP. We talked for...half an hour and then we walked home while on the phone to each other. He took my locker lock lol random.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Meeting the Family

Well today the original plan was to wake up, get to easties by 9 and go Christmas shopping and then meet up with people to watch Twilight and HSM3.

Here's what actually happened. Slept in till 10:15, woke up and realised that I was late so I got dressed, brushed my teeth, begged Sammy to drive me to easties all within 5-10 minutes. Got there and met up with Mtt (now my bro), Ev (daughter), Jen (niece) and Gar. We saw Twilight first and it wasn't as good as the first time...maybe because Mtt wouldn't stop poking me and we were throwing popcorn at each other. Then we went to eat and then went to see HSM3. It's not as good as the first one but it wasn't as bad as the 2nd one so it was meh.

In the end we were stuck with doing nothing and just stood around and then Mtt told us Kwistophe was coming around 5 and then he found out he was being picked up soon which put him in a depressive mood. He left, me and the girls walked around and then met up with Kwistophe. We were just walking and talking, we ended up in front of the pet shop, sitting on the floor talking about random stuff. Then Ev and Jen had to leave so we said goodbye and me and Kwistophe just talked for another 5-10 minutes.

I left and came home and started blogging. The fact that it's the end of 2008 and that it's the holidays still hasn't hit me yet. Can't wait till it does though!

Reports we go


I got a principal's award which earned me the right to go out today and I'm pretty meh with my results. My goal for next year is to get an award for at least 2 subjects now and so I must get studying and work hard instead of procrastinating and not putting effort in my work. Let's hope it works this time.

Last Day of Year 8

Well it was the best way to end the year.

Picnic day at the Bay was cancelled due to heavy raining but we spent the day at school having the time of our lives. We watched a movie first and we chose Forgetting Sarah Marshell which the teachers thought was's MA hahahhahaha. So when they saw that, they closed the film and put on 10 Things I Hate About You. Love Heath Ledger!

Then we spent an hour and half picnic-ing in the senior wing, eating, taking a lot of photos, chatting and playing cards.

Then we moved to the hall where the hired DJ was and it was and awesome end to the year. Everyone was jumping, dancing, singing...even the teachers which was quite disturbing at times, especially when two males teachers were grinding up against each other in the middle of a circle of girls.....-shudder-
When it got too hot I went outside and I even stood in the rain for a while. At the end of the day it was all sad and final for 2008. I love my class, we were always having fun and stuck together.
8A408 of 2008!
At the busstop I got fully drenched which was fun! I had three umbrellas in my bag and I didn't care! hahahhaa. Rain is SO underrated. XP

Monday, 8 December 2008

Summer Rain

I love rain, especially in summer.

*High Pitch Screaming*

I SAW IT, IT IS AWESOME...not as good as the book, compared to the book its a 4/10 but the movie itself is a 10000/10! FUCK IT WAS HOT!

OK so i met up with Rang, Ayaya, Mem, Hayry, Dog and Sian at the ritz and saw a couple of other people I knew.

There was literally only 4 guys (with dates) in the whole cinema. Anyway it was SO EFFING GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

....btw I'm talking about TWILIGHT

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Well a couple of weeks ago, I broke up with Mr.Dino. Mainly because I didn't want to go on in the relationship if I didn't love him as much as he loved me. I do love him but just in a different way.

I want him to find someone who will be crazy in love with him just as much as he would be with her. He deserves so much better and so much more.

I felt so bad for so long and so guilty but now I think we're ok. I think everyone is happy again.


High school's a bitch. Especially at an all girl school. Girl's are so freaking emotional, take everything so seriously get so CRUEL and VICIOUS.

EVERYTHING you do is wrong, the bitching, the talking behind each others back, the saying it to their faces, talking to someone who isn't in your "group", saying the wrong things, doing the wrong things, wearing the wrong things, acting wrong, the secrets, the rumours the ridiculous clique fights it's all so freaking ridiculous, unbelievable and UGHHH.

We all need to get over ourselves, accept the fact that not EVERYONE likes you and that if they're being a cold hearted bitch to you, LEAVE THEM AND LET KARMA SLAP THEM IN THE FACE. Don't go up to them and say "What's your problem" or "Why are you being such a bitch". NO, those are big NO NO's

Just ignore them, don't blow crap out of proportion, don't go crying to a teacher who would pull everyone invovled out of class to talk about it and don't tell people who you know are going to be bitches about it.

THINK before you act. I know that is the most unlistened to cliche in the world, but seriously it's a smart and unstupid thing to do.