Saturday, 11 December 2010


I'm just renaming, correcting and updating my songs. One requirement for this is to find the english translations for Jay Chou song titles. To check if it's the right title for the right song, I youtube the song to see if it matches and then find the english title. I came across this one, read the lyrics and was like.....this is so beautiful yet sadddd. Just wanted to share it

An Jing (Silence) - Jay Chou

Lyrics that were in the youtube description box:
Only piano is left here and it spent a whole day talking with me. The cello that's been sleeping is silent and worn. I think you have made it very clear (for me) to understand. I am aware
and know too that there is no reluctance in you

You said that you will feel completely broken-heart too, but i don't believe it. Though i used to hold your hands and you spent time
with me, it was all history.

I really hope that he really loves you more than i ( still) do, only then can i force myself to leave you


You want a farewell, but i simply do not want to end this relationship. Why do you expect me to be smiling and pretend like nothing
has happened? I don't have a talent like this, embracing you and accepting him. Don't worry too much about me, I'll survive and live well.

You are very far away from me now, and i will also slowly walk away (from your life). Why do i even let you to choose how and when we break up ?
I really have no talent , I can't soothe (be in silence) that quick. I will learn to give you up and that is because I love you so.

(Repeat the whole thing)

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