Friday, 29 July 2011

I love hearing specific songs that remind me of specific moments or times in my life.

For example the song Summertime by Thirsty Merc was on a Coke commercial in 2005. I remember watching T.V., the ad coming on, it's bloody hot and the house is completely dark except the light shining from the T.V. screen and the Christmas tree that me and my sisters decorated. It brings back even older memories of my primary school classrooms.

Everytime We Touch by Cascada. This song takes me back to 2006, when I would watch Sailor Moon religiously as me and my sisters discovered the delight of downloading. I became obsessed with Sailor Moon after my sister accidentally downloaded the Japanese, original subbed version instead of the English dub we grew up and were in love with (today I shun the dubbing). After that I researched and looked up the anime, manga, the origins and youtube Anime Music Videos (AMV). It seemed that 70% of those videos used Cascada's song, both candlelight version and the other million remixes.

Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. I can't even begin to explain the onslaught of memories that come with this. This reminds me of the time when I had a crappy, secondhand, old MP3 that could fit about 20 songs max, was also a radio and a USB. I thought it was the greatest thing ever and loved it. At that time, there were still two beds in grandmas room and I shared one bed with Sammy. I used to put Iris on repeat and listen to it to sleep. I'd wake up and listen to it again on repeat for at least half an hour before I got up. My most favourite Sailor Moon and Fruits basket AMV were to this song and I remember watching them. I remember talking to Year 6 friends about what their favourite song of all time was and declaring proudly that Iris was mine. Memories of the old layout of my house as I listened to this song everywhere.

If a song comes up with memories and little moments like these, then I'll always remember them.

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