Thursday, 14 June 2012


Technically a blog-to-be. I don't want to seem like one of those people who creates a new blog every single year for no reason. If I make multiple blogs, they have different purposes and reasons. This one right now is of course my personal, random blog which I have sorrowfully neglected...sort of like a my 10 year PlayStation which I continuously played for a couple of months, tops, before it became an antique in my fish cupboard.

A couple of weeks ago, while actively procrastinating, I wrote down a list/table of televisions shows that I am:
  • Up to date with and on hiatus or completed
  • Series I have started but have not yet finished
  • Series I need to start to watch from the very beginning
Probably the most productive work I've ever done in english....Anyways, this list epic and has me excited. I'll post it up later. I also need to draw up a novel version of what I just did. I've just accumulated all these things that need to be experienced.

New blog is inspired by this gem of a man:

He watches a whole television series systematically in a brilliantly laid out schedule and reviews each episode right after he watches it. Right now he's onto Buffy and I am so terrified and excited for him because I know what is to come and I can see he's just as emotionally invested in it as I am. I pray for you, man. He's got another site which is purely just for novels. So instead of reviewing episode at a time, he does it in chapters. Good God, this man is hilarious.

So I shall set this thing up after the 8th of November. Which is my last exam by the way. The last exam day for the whole of HSC. The last high school exam I would ever take in my life. Will show HSC exam schedule later. When I'm not weeping tears of despair. 

I'm wondering if I should do the same thing he's done, which is two separate sites for novels and televisions shows (also thinking of a movie one....)

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