Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Wishlist of things I cannot buy because

a) I have no money
b) I don't have a credit card to but stuff online (which is probably good because I 'd go crazy with that)

  • Bee Toy Digital 8mm Camera: Instead of film, you just need a handy Micro SD card and you are ready to make some home movies! This Camera redefines cute, and produces dreamy old time movies that you can edit with ease on any computer. It's Mac and PC compatible, just pop out the SD card and download on your Computer, iPad or any device you like. 
    • Imaging Method AVI Motion JPEG still picture
    • Still Image Resolution 1280 × 960
    • Video Resolution : 640x480 30fps with Audio
    • Chip : 1.3 Million Pixel CMOS
    • Lens : f2.8
    • ISO : 100
    • Battery : Built in Lithium Ion rechargeable thru and USB port
    • Recording Media : Micro SD up to 16gb
    • Shooting time : up to 100 minutes
    • Mac and PC!
    • $70
  • Bottle Cap Tripod: Ever need that steadiness of a tripod, but all you have is your water bottle? Fret no more, because we've got the bottle cap tripod! Simply screw on your favorite camera (up to a pound...) and then snap this right on your bottle top. Even has tilting motion! Comes packaged in a collectible Four Corner Store canvas bag too!
  • Revolog Custom 35mm Film: A exclusive! Hand-Made 35mm films that produce incredible effects. Nine different films that are each tweaked with a secret process that is never the same twice. All rolls are 12 exposure, and can be processed at any hour lab (C-41). Double expose, cross process, over or under expose... the possibilities are endless with this amazing new product! All effects shown are built into the film, and your images will look just like these!
  • Minimo-X Digital Camera: Already a sensation in the Asian market, the Minimo-X is available for the first time in the US exclusively at Four Corner Store. This tiny camera packs a ton of features, and creates some amazingly saturated images with that Four Corners Dark look. Shooting both Video and stills, the 3.2 mpx chip shoots right onto a Micro SD card of up to 8gb. If you loved the Harinezumi, you will will go crazy over the Minimo-X. 
  • Final Cut Pro (NOT FINAL CUT PRO X): Completely redesigned from the ground up, Final Cut Pro adds extraordinary speed, quality, and flexibility to every part of the post-production workflow.
    • $319.99
  • Sailor Moon Manga: Self-explanitory. C'mon guys, it's me. And Sailor Moon

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