Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I only hate one course in uni and that is Media, Culture and Everyday Life. Essentially it's making me hate myself. And I can't wait to drop it.

I'm loving film study though. I am definitely sticking with it throughout. It's just so interesting and I think I'm getting good at it. Like analysing, understanding everything should make you hate what it is. Like analysing Blade Runner for English. I'm pretty sure I'd like the film 10000 times more if it wasn't associated with what I could loosely call the "English Curriculum". But in film study, I just love everything more because I'm not beating the everloving awesome out of it like we would in high school. It actually enhances everything.

COFA I am enjoying. Some things I think I struggle with but so far it's A OK.

Fucking Media though. I can't wait to drop it in just a few weeks.

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