Monday, 12 August 2013

I'm not dead, update, clothes

I am not dead! Just this blog is. I don't know why. I really miss personal blogging. Maybe I'll use it as a place to:

  • Make lists (see what I did there?)
  • Write down ambitions, dreams, wants, ideas
  • Post up some short stories or drafts of them from Creative Writing class
  • Post up music that I really love
  • Rant

Anything really. So here is the occasional update that I have failed to do:
  • Semester 2 looks promising. Painting and drawing at COFA, creative writing is getting me really excited about life again and film studies is just something I look forward to all the time
  • I literally JUST passed media. 50. And credits for all else which I am very happy about.
  • I have been shopping. A lot. Here are some examples:

The picture of me in the mirror and the messy room was me wearing these amazing boots. But this is pretty much everything I have bought in the past month or two. Dress from SirenLondon, novels from BookDepository, boots from ModCloth, the picture of my in mirror with jumper and leather shorts are from Chikabootie and the instagram photo was from a shopping date with Milly in Newtown where it has these amazing boutiques.

Also I have found and am in love with a lot of vintage online stores. I am willing to sell my soul for these two:

And I found my dream wedding dress but everyone is telling me it's insane to buy one at my age especially when I have no boyfriend. But it's a vintage, one-of-a-kind wedding dress made by my new favourite vintage designer Mike Benet:

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