Monday, 23 December 2013

Not Liking My Choices..

So I've been sick for a little while. A week or two. When a person coughs up blood and vomits in the morning, naturally they'd freak out a bit.

I went to the doctor's and apparently it's out of these three options (listed in the order the doctor said what the cause might be):
  1. TB
  2. Cancer

    -dramatic pause and descriptions of the two above-
  3. Burst capillaries from heavy coughing and inflamed throat.

WHY WOULD YOU SAY TB AND CANCER AND LET ME THINK THEY WERE THE ONLY TWO POSSIBILITIES, WOMAN? So it's most probably the third option since my coughing fits are ridiculous. If I cough up blood or anything like that again, I've got to get a chest x-ray. 

Merry Christmas to me.

OH WAIT. I got the job at Woolies! So a very, non-sarcastic-Merry Christmas to me!

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