Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Internal Program Transfer

So as of a week or two ago (I can't really keep track of time anymore), I applied to transfer from my Fine Arts/Arts degree to an Arts/ Education (Secondary) degree.

And I'm really happy about it. Being a teacher was high up on things I want to be. To be able to help people learn and grow and to be able to make a small difference because I remember what it's like to have shit teachers who don't know what they're talking about. Or teachers who are absolutely horrible or boring.

But I think all people who want to become teachers start out thinking they'll be different and better. I just hope that part doesn't go away.

Fuck. I don't regret this decision. But I'm still kind of scared. About what it all means for the future.

Before I get ahead of myself (as if the tirade I just unleashed wasn't getting ahead of myself) I need to see if I actually get accepted into this course first.

What's funny is, that 95% of the people I told chose this transfer said exactly these words:

"You'd be good at that/it"

As amazingly lovely and encouraging it is to hear it from a lot of people (including Mr. McCoy while serving him at the deli), what the hell are they basing this on?

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