Friday, 16 July 2010

245 Days

The day we met is always clear in my mind. I felt like something was going to change. We met through a good friend but we were still strangers apart from the few MSN conversations resulting out of your boredom. I watched you all play tennis. I played with your phone. You talked to me most. You interested me with your looks, music, faith and smile. After that there wasn't a day we didn't talk on MSN. We got closer when you started going out with her and I started going out with him. I didn't realise how close we were until it started affecting our other relationships. I thought you would've stopped talking to me. I wouldn't blame you if you did. But you didn't. When you had your heart broken, my heart broke at how you became. We were there for each other for months after it. Mainly I was there for you but I'm not complaining. We were best friends. Telling everyone we were brothers and sisters. Half of them believed us. A year after we first met and we were going alright, staying up with each other, talking non-stop and needing each other in our lives. One day scared us. You were leaving and we both didn't want you to. It was followed by hugging in a playground and being very close. An accidental kiss and then more intended ones after that. We had no idea what we were going to do afterwards. You left and we thought it would help. You came back and it happened again. We decided to let whatever it was, be. From then on it's been a rollercoaster. Lots tears, anger, jealousy, happiness, movies, lunches, after school meeting and not one day have we not talk, even if you went away on camp or something. We always ended coming to each other for everything when we've been sad, angry, annoyed, excited about even at each other. I want to thank you for all the memories, the good and bad, for everything. I love you. Ilyafam and Happy 9 months.

"I love your hugs. I love your enchanting smile. I love how cute you look when you’re angry. I love how you pull my jumper when you want to put your arm around me.. I love how you’re shy. I love it when I can feel you smiling when we kiss. I love our snuggles. I love how you make me laugh five minutes after making me cry... I just love you for you. I can’t explain why, it transcends explanation."

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