Friday, 7 January 2011

My January so far

I've been working like a MACHINE. Not really. I'm just working more than normal. Sharon is the real machine. I bow down to her in awe. She's been working early to late pretty much for the past months whereas I'm here, worked 2 weeks and whining like a baby. I've gotten paid like...a tiny bit compared to what I actually earned. That's my own fault though, damn TFN and bank.

I spilt nail polish remover all over my Macbook and so now the keyboard doesn't work. I'm on Samantha's Mac (whom is right now on an incredible holiday over at South America with friends and boyfriend). Going to get it fixed as soon as I get time. Maybe this weekend or Wednesday, if I take the day off to go city with friends.

Been spending time with Luke. Got into a large "discussion" with dad about feelings, family, school, boyfriends, truth and trust. I'm going to try respect his wishes. I will try to do well for my senior years. I will try to see his perspective. I will try to tell the truth. I will try not to cry.

I watched Tangled with Michelle last night. I loved it so much. I'm so glad that Disney is regaining some of it's old charm and magic back. I predict that I will watch this film more than once by the end of this month.

Luke's going to Indo tomorrow! I'm happy and really sad at the same time. Happy because this might be good for the both of us and what him and his family are doing is amazing. Sad because I'm going to miss the constant knowledge that he's only a phone call or two buses away. Now he's going to be in an entirely different timezone and continent. I said I'll try to make him something by the time he gets back. I don't know if I'll be able to do that but I'll try. It'll be my little project for the remainder of the holidays.

On a random, unemotional note: thinking about haircut.

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