Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lurking and Stalking


Le Love
A bittersweet blog about love lost and found. Some entries are really beautiful but I mainly look at the photo's and pictures that it features.

simply breakfast
Cute, pretty and yummy. Something about this blog just charms me

blow at life
Chaos and messiness in ink, watercolour, gouache. An art blog that makes me wanna do art for the rest of my life.

That's Chic
A sort of sweet, vintage blog that has an extra something to it. I wish that I had a credit card to shop her closet.

I've got a lust for life
Pretty much jealous about everything this girl has. Drool over her fashion.

photography blog by Lucia Pang
I actually went on this after I haven't visited in a while and lo and behold I see photos of a girl I know in my grade! I found out about Lucia through a friend, who went to primary school with her, last year and I invaded her flickr. She is an amazingly talented girl that's my age who takes incredible photos and will no doubt be successful in the future.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry
Pretty much my guilty food porn and the first blog I ever followed. I wish I lived in Surry Hills cause most of the good places to eat (and apparently shop) are there.


Devoted Disney blog by a girl who seems to go Disneyland everyday. I like to imagine she lives right next door to it. Awesome photos and posts for any Disney-geek.

infatuated by you
Mah friend Christay Transter. Everything she posts is very....Christie. You can practically hear her say the quotes or talk about the pictures (if you knew her)

She's famous for her flickr account. Judging by her tumblr, I'm guessing she loves food, music, Spongebob, Power Puff Girls and Pokemon. And photobooth shots. It's good =]

Probably one of the most honest tumblr I've visited. Though I haven't visited many... This is Alana, an old friend from school. The amount of honesty and individuality from this tumblr is amazing. Just saying..

Funny, blunt and gorgeous is what I have to say about Sian Stacey.

midnight runner
Ash Mem takes brilliant photos, posts brilliant music and is a brilliant person

rather be dead than cool
Jamie is gorgeous and modelled for Lucia Pang (see above in blogspot section). She posts the beautiful pictures of beautiful people.

Rants, muscles, shorts, answers and photos. The newest addition to my tumblr lurk list and also the newest addition to my friends love life ;]

don't be outstanding
As I said before, my number one most favourite tumblr to lurk. I love her music and I encourage everyone to go through each and every one of her pages. Inspiration is ensured. Art, film, music and all things witty and amusing.

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