Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Sorry for the spamming of 4 youtube videos. Shall blog now. (yay?)

Officially back to school. There's a massive heatwave going on right now. Thanks to the new kilt, the seniors are both itchy and sweaty. The best combination. Ever.

Tomorrow, Monique Coleman and Peter Garret are coming to school tomorrow. If you're thinking "But wait Courtney, who's Monique Coleman?" Don't worry, the whole grade didn't know either until someone said "OH, the black girl from High School Musical." Apparently she's a Youth Ambassador from the UN. Extra cool points for her.

I'm really really happy with my subjects, I found out we're doing human figure studies in art. Super psyched. Like you wouldn't believe. Very excited for Ancient history and modern. The only thing I'm iffy about is the biology which I'm going to try switch to music.

Um I'm going to stop being boring now.

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