Thursday, 1 September 2011

New (Im?)possible Dream Job

I want to create a place for people like me. I figured out this term that I set myself up for failure with the subjects I chose to do for my HSC. Which, as you know from my last massive rant, I find is completely unfair of the education system.

I want to create place that doesn't shun or judge what kinds of subjects you do, nurtures your passions and helps and teaches. It's got the same kind of motto as the school in the movie 'Accepted':
"What do YOU want to learn?"

I'd ask people what they wanted to learn and tell them to write it up on a public display so that others can sign up for it. It can be anything from the usual to the different: Maths, English, Science, History, Skateboarding, Culinary Arts, Art, Music, How to pick up girls/guys, How to make friends, Body painting.

There'd be actual teachers or supporters or guides or whatever, but it also relies on students teaching other students. Exams and assignments are optional but projects of some sort are mandatory.

Basically, it's not a school per say where you attend it every day for  6 hours or something. It's just a place that's always there for after school, weekends and stuff to help and support you in the fields that you would like be a part of one day or to help you get on through life. Because we always ask that question in classes: "How is this going to help me in the real world?"

I don't know, that's (one of) my stupid dream I guess.

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