Sunday, 30 September 2012

Possible, flexible plans for after high school

These are more wanted and desired plans but what the hey:
  • UTS: Bachelor of Arts (media and communication)
  • COFA: Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Get two part time or casual jobs
  • Start a television, film and novel review blog like markdoesstuff
  • Learn how to cook (pinterest, justtaste)
  • Exercise (dance, home but not the gym. I'm not a work out in public kind of person. Except maybe a few yoga or zumba or pole dancing lessons.)
  • Road trip or holiday (that doesn't count Bali where Ray and Filia are getting married!!!!!)
  • Concerts
  • Continue art, no matter what
  • Get a tumblr.
  • Get Final Cut Pro and do all previous challenges by So You Think You Can Vid as practice.

List of things I want to be when I grow up.
  • Journalist
  • Film/television/novel/food critic
  • Writer (of any sort)
  • Teacher who specialises with gifted children
  • Editor of a magazine
  • Psychologist
  • Chef
  • Married with kids and a pet
  • Accomplished
  • Happy

All this needs a crap load of money though. OH WELLS. 

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