Friday, 19 October 2012

Things that made Mumford and Sons concert perfect:

  • Even though I was alone for the first hour, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros made me feel insanely happy
  • Alex Ebert constantly moving. Jumping, stomping, dancing, running, walking across the stage and with the front row of the mosh pit
  • Alex Ebert and Jade. 
  • Alex Ebert chasing Jade with a tambourine and shaking it over her head like a weird halo
  • Their opening song was the song that made me love them: MAN ON FIRE
  • Mila coming just in time for Home
  • The hipster indie boy drinking game. When you see a guy who is dressed indie and/or hipster, take a drink. This includes: beanies, plaid, weird print/pattern shirts, backwards caps, beards, long hair tied, skinny jeans etc.
  • Mumford and Sons sounding and being perfect
  • The megascreen shooting hipster indie angles of the band e.g. with light shining around them, obscure shots of their tapping feet and the whole thing being in BLACK AND WHITE. 
  • The lighting was perfect. 
  • The couple sitting in front of us swaying in the cutest way in their seats
  • The communal effort by the whole stadium when it came to Little Lion Man and The Cave
  • The couple slow dancing at the front of the aisle
  • Buying matching Mumford and Sons shirts with Milly
Basically. Perfection.

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