Tuesday, 30 October 2012

HSC and Website news!

English: Pretty sure I failed the only two units that counted
Music: Actually pretty happy with how I went.
Modern: Lucked out immensely. I selected pretty much half the dots points on each syllabus, skipping a lot of major ones because the cramming was getting a bit intense. LO AND BEHOLD the questions given were based on exactly the dot points I used. HELL TO THE YEAH.

SOR: Fuuuuuuuuuuuhhh. Not looking forward to this at all. Stupid. Just....stupid
Society and culture: As much as I love the subject and what it has given me, the content and individual analysing is insaneeeeeeeeee.
Art: lol yeah.

Anyways I am literally in the middle of creating my new review blog! It's going to be a mix of television, film and novels, not separate like Mark's. HE FINISHED WATCHING THE BUFFY SERIES AND THE WHOLE PROCESS WAS BEAUTIFUL. I know that I get a little REALLY emotional when it comes to fiction so I'll probably be more sob-by and less witty. IT STARTS ON THE 9th OF NOVEMBER.

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