Monday, 16 June 2014

Supanova 2014

Man. We only went the one day and it was tiring as hell.

So went on Sunday (yesterday) and it was a crazy start. As soon as I got off the bus to head to the train station, I was fined. Not for not having a bus pass or an ID, but because my student ID apparently needed an update (which I had no idea about) and the fine is fucking TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS?!? Seriously?!? Luckily I can get leniency if I update it, take a photo and upload it.

Then we headed over to Supanova where there was so much more amazing cosplay and I have a higher level of appreciation after watching Heroes of Cosplay and even Face Off. These people are so talented and amazing and DEVOTED OH MY GOD IT'S TEN DEGREES AND YOU'RE SHOWING 90% OF YOUR SKIN. I'M NOT OFFENDED BY THAT I JUST WANT YOU TO BE HEALTHY AND SAFE.

We stood in a line for about 10-15 minutes in 10 degree weather with bonus icy wind because the website screwed up Mila's purchase. Laura got a sick photo with fucking Stan Lee and Mila got a birthday autograph from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. It was a blissful event.

Seeing as I didn't get an autograph or photo with anyone (sort of wanted one with Ming-Na Wen but oh well.) I went crazy with the merchandise. Like....absurdly crazy. I'll take photos and describe the awesomeness and also the apparent price of awesomeness. I had some really lucky cool finds that I'm incredibly happy about. So did Mila and Laura.

I got home by 7:30 and it felt like 11. Went to bed last night at around..11 or 12. I think that's the first time in months. Possibly years.

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