Friday, 13 June 2014

The buffet on the tiny entree sized plate

So I got sick. And if anyone knows me, I usually don't get sick except once or twice a year. But when I get's a shitstorm of ugly. In high school, I'd probably have perfect attendance if it were not for the 10 days I missed in a row each year cause of the freaking flu or bronchitis.

You know whats worse than have a flu that makes you cough non stop, leaves you breathe, blocked runny nose, block ears, headaches and a sore throat? Getting your period right in the thick of it too. Yeah. Think how sucky that is. It's REALLY sucky.

Good news though: it's the first time this year that I haven't had to work in 3 days. How weird is that? I didn't realise i was working so much until.

Bad news: I've got a lot of stuff I DON'T want to miss out on this week because of sickness.

  • Saturday: Bastille with Mila. I bought her tickets last year for Christmas
  • Sunday: Supanova with Laura and Mila. No cosplay, just pure spending on all things (un)necessary
  • Tuesday: So Mila's birthday is coming up and SHE surprised ME with tickets to Queensland for the day so that we can go Movieworld. I've only been to Queensland once in 5th grade and didn't do anything except hang with family. So this is mega super exciting for me
  • Thurday: Mila's real birthday! AHHHHHH. 
So yeah. Yeah. Ugh I'm so sick

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