Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Have you ever feel like you're slowly just descending into a shitty state? And that state can be easily fixed if you just pull yourself up and take responsibility for something you did or need to do. But you just can't. You're looking at a task or a problem in the face and there's this physical feeling within you just reacting. It's revolted and unwilling and stubborn and it just feel's like it's hurting your very soul just thinking about how you are going to try and get through it. And even when you're doing it, you really aren't.

Sometimes just lying in bed in the morning. Facing another day. Which you want to do. You really want to. But just not like this. Not with deadlines and due dates and pressure and questions and problems and just everything. And you just come to realise after all this complaining that that is life. Life is, or just has become, going through and dealing with different yet the same shit day by day. Always just hoping and dreaming and praying to reach another day where and when it'll all be worth it. There's no guarantee though. No certain promise of rewards to be reaped for hard work. As much as I respect hard work and perseverance, you see in everyday life how those people just don't make it. Which isn't fair.

When did it come to a point where we feel as though we were so limited by the options and possibilities? Everything just became so unnecessarily hard to accomplish. Happiness has become a privilege.

Everything just seems so arbitrary. So temporary. So ridiculous.

And yet there is so much. There is just so much in the world. So much good and beauty and kindness and talent. It's incomprehensible. To even try to fully accept and understand how much there is and our place within it is just so overwhelming. Sometimes it's too much. And then other times it's not enough. And we can never really just get it. Get there.

I don't know what to do with myself anymore.

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