Monday, 2 January 2012

For some reason, cancer is mentioned a lot in the following post. Not in an offensive way. At least, I don't think so...

I'm sorry, this might come across as bitchy, close minded and insulting but seriously, I'm really sick of status' or messages that have following two main parts to it:

  1. The story/quote
  2. The reblog
On facebook, youtube, whatever allows people to type whatever the hell they want, you might encounter the following tales:
  • A little girls perspective on how she died in a car accident when she was hit by a drunk driver yet she was being a good girl and sober.
  • A foetus' perspective about how it was aborted
  • A random persons perspective of their mother
  • A tale about someone/something being wronged, tortured, killed etc.
  • Preaching religion
  • And more
Then after the little tale or something, there'd be a message about reblogging or commenting the same message again if you're against cancer, drink driving, abortion, how much they love their mum, if they have a heart, if you're in this religion and you're not ashamed/proud of it.

With all due respect, to the second last dot point, go for it, got nothing against it and nothing against your point of view. It's just the last part that gets me. "If you're truly against this" or "If you support this/are proud of this, you'll reblog, repost this"

What the hell? Really? To prove that I love my mum, I have to copy and paste a cliche, badly written message all over the internet? My mum doesn't even know how to use the computer, what will she care if I do this or not? How about this: get off the internet and help her out or give her a freaking hug instead of declaring to strangers that you love your mum, because it does nothing. 

That is a hella stupid and pointless way to declare something. No one cares. And the people who do copy and paste it or like the status on facebook (etc.) probably are doing it only to not feel bad about not copying and pasting it or to not look like a douchebag who supports cancer.

I don't know if this justifies why these things piss me off. I just see them everywhere and just go: "Really?.....Really?....No."

It's a badly dressed up version of chain mail spam. If you don't send this to people the Ring girl will kill you in your sleep while puppies and kittens die unjustly because you didn't. Or: if you send this to at least a certain amount of people, money will freaking rain from the sky, global warming will end, world hunger and inequality will not exist and cancer will be cured.

And by the way of course I'm against cancer, etc. Who the hell supports cancer?

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