Sunday, 10 March 2013

Uni! For reals this time

I've only really had three lectures/ tutorials so far. COFA seems so fast paced right now. Two art assignments and one of them is 40% which is kind of freaking ridiculous.

I've met some interesting people but haven't made any real, solid friends yet. Then again, I've only met all of the new people once. I'm still clueless as to whether I can handle all of this yet. So far so good. All I need is proper internet on my mac and for it to be able to stay on and functional without the charger. First world problems.

Excited for the week coming because Film studies starts this week and also this Baking Society gathering. There's been so many heavy emphasis on prior reading and the thing is, the readings are about 30 pages for each subject/tutorial.

By the way, for COFA I had to make a Twitter and Tumblr account. Follow me?

I'm probs going to make another fandom tumblr soon. I've been reblogging a lot of art and had to restrain myself from rebloggin all these Firefly photosets and Community gifs.

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