Monday, 16 September 2013

Midnight Rambles

If you think about it, it is remarkable the fact that me and you are human. We are all made of the same things. Blood, flesh, bone and nerve. But somehow, we were born with different chemistry's in our body. Your chemistry made you broader, with the affinity to games and mechanics, and the ability to compete with the speed of the wind. My chemistry made me with the mind of an artist, the face of deceiving, frustrating youth, and slight height over my family. Maybe it made you slighter, with the mind of an inventor and urges to twitch when you lie. My chemistry made me with the ability to bear a child with their own unique chemistry that would resemble their parent's or their ancestors while they stubbornly argue that they made themselves.

But if the theory and the science says that humans share the same qualities and elements of animals, plants, organisms and even non animate objects, then the true remarkableness comes from the fact that out of all the possible things you could have become in the world: a circus ring leader in Russia, the starring contortionist in that circus who backflipped off an elephant, the elephant that contortionist jumped off and danced on a stool, the stool that held up that elephant as it strained and yearned to be a tree again. Of all the things in the world that you could be, you became you. You were the lucky guy who got to the egg first. Of all the chances in the world that you were born were remarkable. What if you were in the batch from when your father jerked off? What if some other sperm won and you and the thousands of others in the race died off? Would the born product grow up to still be the same person? Would they have the same chemistry as you? They would have the upbringing, the family and friends and the environments that you would have, but would everything turn out the same if it had been some other sperm that had won and not you?

It is remarkable that all this coincidence, circumstance, happenstance, fate, destiny, intentional, unintentional, inevitable, possible chance happened and lead to you where you are now, to where you have been, what you have felt, have seen, have heard, to the unknown future and how the future is an impossible concept because we can never experience it because once we do, it's the present.

It is remarkable that humans have evolved to a point where every single part of the body works in tandem in order to live, laugh, cry, love. That somehow the atmosphere and the percentages of gases in it were made just right so that so much could thrive and live. We look to the stars in the space and see that for some reason, we cannot do it so easily on any other rock or ball of gas.

There are an infinite amount of what ifs and somehow we landed with this one. We are a different world's what if. We are our own what if. There are infinite ways that we could have died or suffered in the past. We could have been one of the victims that we saw on the news the other night but our parent's moved away just in the right year. We could have been born in a different country where war and terror and famine riddle the majority. We could have been born a different race and experience different prejudice and troubles in society. We could have been married to royalty had we have gone on that impulsive European trip. We could have died in a freak accident, a normal accident, by someone's hand, by our own hand. But we're alive. Battered, bruised, scarred and traumatised but alive.

So congratulations on being a born when you had so many chances of not making it. Congratulations for being a human when even the slightest shift in DNA, chromosomes, science and chance could have made you a male Emperor Penguin. Congratulations for staying alive despite it all from the past and present. For your chemistry. For being remarkable.

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