Sunday, 29 September 2013

My God

Ok so there have been a couple of arguments I have been witnessing lately: political, social, personal. A lot.

I'm all for expressing your opinion, standing up for your beliefs and defending others. But if you start making wild accusations, broad-ass generalisations and have a massive closed mind because you can't see anything other than your own voice, that is when I will disagree and maybe even stop listening

I will really, really, really try to keep an open mind and respect what you think and say as long as there is good, understandable and just reasoning behind it. If you are going off while being narrow and close minded and not even giving the other person a chance to explain or say their own views, then you are not going to win any votes, support or change any minds. You don't have to become best friends and you don't even have to agree with them.

Just argue intelligently and respectfully. If you don't respect that opinion for good reason, then argue with facts and evidence and passion. Passion is good. Passion means you care. But for god's sakes don't accuse people or shout random things at them that may seem to have no substance.

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