Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I just don't understand?

Why do people not accept feminism? Literally all we're trying to do is feel safe and happy and have the exact same rights as men do. We don't want to be better than men. We don't want to take over the world. We are not anti-men. We are anti-standards set and perpetuated by men. We want our positions in the world to be acknowledged as much as the men have. That's all. (Well...that's oversimplifying. That's not all but I'm trying to say it's not that big of a thing to ask for).

Girl's getting fucking raped or abused in every way are still being accused of leading guys on, wearing not enough clothes while the attacker is sympathised with. If you're wondering why rape is always a go to problem that "relates" to feminism it's all about social standards and justice.

If you don't see the need for feminism and you're female, maybe you've got all the rights and privileges that you need but so many other women out there don't. In third world and first world countries alike.

The first time I was sexually assaulted was when I was in Year 8. I was on the bus home and sitting at the back by myself. This was around 1-3pm. A group of older teenage guys came on and I was immediately terrified. That's sign number one. Why should I be scared of guys my own age. Or ANY age for that matter? Because they have more than enough reason to think they have the power and and right to do what they want with me. Even if that isn't their intention, the fact that it is such a large possibility scared me.

They sat at the back as well, effectively trapping me in as they laughed and swore and talked about hot chicks that they fucked or considered sluts. Sign number two. The fact that were making a joke and congratulating each other about sex and experience. Being super macho because they think that's what makes them cool. That's what is expected of boys. All the while adding the double standard to the girl they DID have sex with. Which is fucking ridiculous because you love girls who like to have a lot of sex but then later shun them and calling them sluts. What the actual fuck. All girl's aren't nuns. Virginity isn't sacred or a sign of how pure you are. It can be treasured, sure, you can definitely save it for someone you feel is special. But why the hell does everyone need to have that mindset? Virginity is not a statement about who you are.

When I finally got to my stop, I was so relieved. I got off but realised about three other guys got off too. I tried not to panic and calmly started to walk towards my friends house. Then I felt a massive hand smack my ass and he ran off to the other side of the road where his friends were also walking and laughing. I was 14. Sign number three. I was violated. It might have lasted 2 seconds. It might have "just" been a smack on the ass. But it wasn't. Some guy thought it'd be funny to touch a girl who was visibly younger than him, in a way that degraded me to nothing more than a body he could touch. I don't care if I was wearing short shorts, it was fucking 30 degrees that day in Summer. I don't care if it was harmless. I didn't want someone to touch me without my permission. It was invasion of privacy, basic human rights and consent. ALL OF WHICH I AM INNATELY ENTITLED TO, JUST LIKE YOU.

My Body, My Rules is saying
"Hello, I am a human being who has family and friends just like you. I am in charge of and take care of my own body because I kind of live in it. Because it's me. It's mine. I'd like to have a tattoo on my chest one day because I decided to permanently mark my own body with something significant and important to me. I want to dye my own hair lilac because I love the colour and I want to try it out. I want to have casual sex because sex feels great and I'm being honest and safe about it, why not? (Not that that would be any of your business but I'm proving a point). But these things do not mean I'm crazy, or rebellious or is in any fucking way an invitation for you to touch me. If you want to, then respectfully ask. If I say no, then respect that."

TL;DR. Feminism is not a danger to you or your position in the world. We want to be treated like human beings. We are capable of making our own decisions. We deserve to be heard just as loudly as men are listened to but we shouldn't have to shout and rally for what men simply command for with a tone of voice that threatens violence or abuse or pompous self-entitlement. We are trying to reach up to the level men have set themselves upon, not drag them down to the level they have kicked us down to. 

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