Saturday, 2 April 2016

Ok, what I wanted

So the real reason why I've come back from the blogger graves, is because I just wanted to write a list of things I want to buy as soon as disposable income becomes a thing that exists in my life again:

  • Books. So many books. I want them all. Now. 
  • The Grisha trilogy
  • Sarah J Maas series
  • The Raven Cycle
  • Vampire Academy series
  • The Infernal Devices series (I've got the Mortal Instruments but apparently you need to read Infernal first so that you don't spoil it when you reach the last Mortal book)
  • The Lunar Chronicles
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone (that of which I completely loved the first book of)
  • Percy Jackson/The Olympian's series

  • Clothes
  • All the clothes
  • Bomb ass dresses to wear to parties and a certain wedding
  • New shirts. 
  • JEANS. Oh god. The need for new awesome jeans is great. 
  • Underwear. Especially bras. At this point I'm barely surviving on a rotation of 2-3 bras. Yes 2-3 because I have a third one but it is MISSING. 
  • Lush products. I have only just realised the importance of skin care and smelling edible to lure desired people.

  • Fuck me, they are expensive. 
  • Michelle gave me her Polaroid 636 Close Up.
  • The cheapest film is still very expensive for 8 frames per pack. It goes form $2-4$ per frame depending what kind you buy, and how and where you buy it. 
  • Related note: to develop old film I have found. Who the fuck knows if they actually worked though. It's so pricey to develop one roll of film, let alone about 10.

  • And maybe a new laptop. This one is 3 years old now and has had it's fair share of shitty happenings. 

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