Saturday, 2 April 2016


So I started this blog in 2007. It is now 2016.

What a fucking crazy 9 years.

I haven't blogged much AT ALL lately. I apologise for that. I never know why I apologise for not updating a never read blog. Oh well.

So it is officially April and I just wanted to rant? Update? Just type?

So first thing is first: The Update

  • 13 Dec 2015 - 1 Jan 2016: I went to Japan with Mila! It was fucking amazing. I've always wanted to go to Japan ever since my anime manga phase in year 6. I wanted to go to the land of Sailor Moon, sushi, and magic. Geisha's, tradition, and the future. It was more than I could have ever hoped for. Osaka -> Kyoto -> Fuji -> Tokyo. All were brilliant in their own ways. I might do another post just solely focussed on this with photos and whatnot.
  • Mid-January: I went camping! Royal National Park with Jack, Mina, Dom, Chris, Gino, Laura, Mila and Sharon. We carried a 9 person tent up a fucking mountain (More like a small hill with shitty shitty steps) in the fucking rain and mud. It was amazing. Apart from when half the tent collapsed half an hour after we set up and sat inside. There was gale force winds and rains the whole first day and night. Gino got super sick and threw up at least 3 times in the middle of the night and only me, Jack and Dom were the last ones standing on the second day. As soon as the others had left, the sun came out and never left. We roasted marshmallows and made pasta and smoked cigars and drank fucking whiskey. (Dom and Jack smoked cigars, I drank half the amount of whiskey poured for me.)
  • February 6 - 21: America, here I come! I went with my parents and grandma for my great aunt's 91st birthday and Chinese New Year. Spent one week in Hawaii and then one week in San Francisco. Although it was fun and great to meet everyone (especially for the first time at a birthday event AND Chinese New Year where I got shitloads of American red envelopes), I didn't get to really do fun touristy stuff while over there because of all the family. They took us to temples, Chinese restaurants (I had about one or two non-Chinese meals), and family homes. I just wanted more non-family stuff? Does that make me a shitty person? Anyways I got one day in San Fran to literally go off by myself and it was incredible. Another post for another time.
  • Feb - present time: MICHELLE MOVED OUT! Holy shit. It actually happened. Sam moved into our old room and I took hers. I painted my walls teal, got my own bed and a shitton of shelves to almost adequately hold all my books. I'm actually super proud about it. Mila saw it and said she's never seen anything so incredibly personalised. Everything about this room is just so "me"
  • Present - future plans: Well I've gotten summoned for jury duty so we'll see how that goes. A few 21st coming up. A baptism because, holy shit, real life adult stuff is happening and I'm watching a whole new generation of family grow before my eyes.
  • Not at uni (suspended) and unemployed (the jury summons was originally in March so I was hoping to see if I needed to apply for a job or not by then. The summons were then delayed to this month and so I'll now know by next week)
  • I'm reading again! And drawing again! They actually interlock because after I read something I try to draw out certain characters or moments.
Next few posts will probably be sporadic, more elaboration on bigger events, random, and, as usual, unread. 

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