Friday, 20 May 2011

Indie Hipsters

So the latest/re-emerging/newly re-evaluated thing going on these days is the indie-hipster phase. If you don't know what this is, I'll stereo-type it for you:

  • Indie-hipster's majorly consists of adolescents from the ages of 13-18 (it can go beyond this age but overall...)

  • Indie-hipster's fashion consists of the mixture of at least 3 of the following things: plaid, floral, leather, lace, bows, Chuck Taylors/heels/ boots, beanies, jewellry that involve animals and/or ordinary objects (teacups, bows etc.), skinny jeans, long scarves, nerd glasses with preferably no lens, a DLSR and/or polaroid camera.

  • Indie-hipster's must have at least one of the following: blogger, tumblr, twitter, formspring etc.

  • Indie-hipster's then post on those websites DnM quotes about: 
  • being single and loving it, being single and hating it, being depressed over break ups/unrequited love, the tiny details of being in a relationship, moving on with life/living life to the full/being young, philosophy/movie/tv/song lyric quotes, the universe and it's vastness, life in general

  • Indie-hipster's shall also post images and/or gifs of popular quotes in screencaps of the movie, television show, music it comes from. Images of "making love"/sex, cute animals such as kittens and rabbits, exotic animals such as elephants and tigers. 
  • Pictures of random people in Indie-hipster's fashion either being: alone and depressed, in a lovey dovey Indie-hipster's couple pose, crowds partying/at concert/drinking/having a day out in the city
  • Pictures of galaxies/stars/night sky/fields of tall grass/abandoned roads/places people want to be/ places being hate being at and then this image has one of two types of writing on top: light writing or heveltica stating (ir)relevant quotes (refer to dot point 4 and 5)

  • Indie-hipster's Music shall condemn mainstream music except for indie, punk, screamo, dub-step, alternative, rock artists that have made it big in the mainstream world e.g. Florence + the Machine, Adele etc. But sometimes it doesn't work out too well if they go "too mainstream" e.g. Owl City
  • They shall listen to the smaller, unheard bands. Even local ones who only have music available on their MySpace or the unknown supporting band of a concert they went to. They will hear a mainstream song before it becomes "big"

  • The diet of a Indie-hipster's consists usually of burgers and fries, macaroons, artistic cupcakes, rainbow cakes, chocolate covered fruit, alcohol 

  • They are usually seen in record/CD stores, tall grass fields, woods/forests, on the streets, clubs, bedrooms, cafes and boutiques
  • Other than internet socialising, taking photos and lunching at quaint hidden cafes where they play local band music; Indie-hipster's are known to paint/ draw, play the guitar and/or keyboard, correct the grammar of offensive comments on youtube and from their askbox and attend clubs and multiple concerts. 

  • Pop culture that must be at least heard of in the Indie-hipster world: Skins and other teen T.V. Shows (I'll write another list), 500 Days of Summer, John Hughes' films, cult classics, anything that has won or participated the Sundance Film festival or any other independent film making festival

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