Sunday, 1 May 2011

Rosie Hardy - Flick

I was supposed to post thing yesterday. So the background story before you read the whole thing is a girl on flickr met and fell in love with another guy on flickr. They've been chatting, dedicating photos to each other and taking photos "with each other" (digitally editing them to make it look like they're together physically in a photo). The girl lives in England, the guy lives in America. They planned on him to fly over to England one day. This is what happened:

"Soooooooo I went to meet Aaron at the airport this morning at 10am - I was so jittery with excitement I couldn't stop jitterbugging about, and finally after the entireity of his flight had emptied and he had STILL not arrived, I started to get worried. It was only then that an old lady approached me and asked if I was Rosie Hardy. "Shit here we go, I've been duped" was my first thought. Then she explained she had sat next to him on the flight, that he was an amazing person and that we would have an incredible time. Aaron didn't even give her a description of me - she said she just could tell it was me he'd be meeting!!! She also said that due to his copious amounts of luggage and bizzare tales of why he was coming England, customs had captured him and were strip searching him as we spoke. By this time, Aaron had snuck up behind me and scared the living daylights out of me, but he picked me up and spun me round and everything was perfect. He is now feeding me blue jelly beans."

They're not together anymore now but this story will always be ones of those ones. The one that everyone dreams or hears about from and friend of a friend of a friends. Sort of like an urban myth. That's how rare that sort of story is today.

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