Monday, 16 May 2011

What do you like and what are you good at?
Are they the same things or are they totally different?

Because just because you like a subject doesn't mean you're good at it and just because you're good at something doesn't necessarily mean you like it. For example I was recommended to do extension maths (lol typical asian) but that didn't stop me from dropping it for my senior years. Another example is the fact that like ancient history but I crappy ass marks for it in my exam.


Just because you can sing doesn't mean you should
Just because you can dance doesn't mean you should
Just because you can cook doesn't mean you should

I asked my friend why did she do something she hated and she said the satisfaction of getting good marks and the future prospects and advantages from doing the subject are brighter. Then my other friend refuted that you'd be unhappy at present time and what was the point of getting good marks in a subject you hate if it only leads to doing future occupations in the field of the subject you hate.

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