Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Exam Schedule:

Today: SOR1, I winged half of my Paul essay and bullshit my way through the short answer. Majorly.

Tomorrow: English written - short answer and creative writing. Should be ok right?

Friday: Modern History - Source analysis on WWI and 2 essays on Germany. FML. I love modern but it kills me. We have a very unhealthy and damaging relationship with one another.....

Monday: Visual Arts - Yeah meh.

Tuesday: English Oral/Tutorial - Your own question on belonging that refers to Shakespeare's As You Like It and my related text Pleasantville (WHICH BY THE WAY, IS DIRECTED THE SAME GUY WHO DIRECTED HUNGER GAMES. RESPECT LEVEL IS THROUGH THE ROOF)

Wednesday: Music Aural and Composition hand in - more in new post.

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